Travel & Tourism Awards 2022

Page 40 LUX 2022 Travel & Tourism Awards Maintaining 50 locations across Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, Mister Loo’s public toilet facilities see over 450,000 visitors a month. Mister Loo designs, constructs and manages toilet facilities in the hope of cultivating a sanitised environment for clients at shopping malls, transportation hubs, tourist attractions and other locations with high footfall. The facilities are based on a payas-you-use concept, henceforth, providing a premium toileting experience. Mister Loo has two styles of bathroom – premium and regular – which do not differ in terms of cleanliness standards, but the products offered. For example, there is a difference in sanitary ware, the quality of the toilet paper, and whether the bathroom has air conditioning or a fan. However, its mission does not waver, in either case the company wants to contribute to better public health and to provide greater toilet facilities. The users of Mister Loo cannot only enjoy a state-of-the-art toilet facility but various convenience, hygiene, and health services. In this regard, the company offers lockers and shower facilities to its clients and maintains numerous health check-up rooms for its customers to track their vital health data and to get access to a network of highly qualified primary care physicians and specialists. Initially established to serve the international tourists, the company shifted towards catering to local middle-to-upper-class people after one year. Mister Loo has designed a facility that prioritises accessibility, meeting to different needs and requirements. Furthermore, the company has integrated a digital interface which allows for performance and operational efficiency tracking. Its digital dashboard also fosters customer interactions through e-payment, e-health services, and loyalty For seven years Mister Loo has been changing how people perceive public toilets. Indeed, it deviates greatly from the dingy, unclean stereotype, offering clean, bright, and wellmaintained facilities. With an entirely digital interface, Mister Loo is truly innovative, and is shaping the future of toilet facilities. Jan22708 Mister Loo Best Digital Public Toilet Facility - Asia programs. The nature of the company’s team is of the utmost importance to Mister Loo – particularly the cleaning staff who regularly come into contact with the public. Henceforth, Mister Loo ensures that the staff are properly instructed and trained to welcome its visitors in the required manner and to perform cleaning tasks in line with the standing operating procedures. In addition, all cleaning staff must attend and, of course, pass theoretical and practical knowledge sharing modules at Mister Loo’s Training Academy prior to being placed at a location. Moreover, to ensure the required quality standards, Mister Loo only recruits staff who have passed the Training Academy. In return, Mister Loo has reinforced its workplace with numerous benefits, including a competitive salary structure and an international work style. Working in hygiene in the public sector has pushed Mister Loo to be an innovator in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. In essence, it has had to take extra precautions to guarantee the health and safety of staff and customers alike. The company did, however, continue to grow exponentially throughout the crisis, namely due to its focus on the local population. A key change that the company did face was the increase in public awareness of hygiene practices. An element which it hopes the world will continue to upkeep. Going forward, Mister Loo will be continuing to strive towards becoming the leading service provider in Asia by contributing state-of-theart toilet facilities and integrated e-health centres to better public health. Over the next year, Mister Loo’s facilities will be appearing in more locations and new countries such as the Philippines and India and it has signed collaboration agreements with business partners such as real estate developers, shopping malls and government departments, which will aid the company in accelerating its growth in both new and old target markets. Company: Mister Loo AG Web Address: