Travel & Tourism Awards 2022 Page 5 LUX 2022 Travel & Tourism Awards Established from a childhood passion, LupoLab Food and Coffee Crafters has been recognised for the Italian hospitality that is brewed, steamed, and seared with every ounce of love and dedication. Acknowledged as Western Australia’s Best Authentic Roman Cuisine Eatery, Lupolab’s fresh, seasonal and product-driven menu permeates with the finest local ingredients that provide traditional flavours and dishes that honour the founder’s homeland – Rome. LupoLab Food and Coffee Crafters Best Authentic Roman Cuisine Eatery - Western Australia Jan22124 Lupolab is a love story and homage to traditional Italian dishes with authentic and locally sourced ingredients. The rotating menu of items is a product of Mirko Silvestri, the founder’s heritage, and passionate insight into Roman cuisine. From hand-cut pasta to speciality coffee delivered weekly, Lupolabs works hard to keep the creative integrity and craftsmanship at the peak of quality and standards by working individually with farmers and producers to ensure the best selection of products. Growing up in a traditional Roman household, Mirkos has the knowledge, the passion and the understanding of how to handmake and craft dishes from scratch, passed down through generations from Nonna to Nonna. Lupolabs is dedicated to the homestyle traditions learnt from his family and is passing down a piece of Rome and his Italian roots to his customers in Perth. Launched with guaranteed authenticity, Lupolabs began from an intrinsic passion and curiosity into the culinary world as Mirko’s witnessed his parents run their own restaurant back in Rome. Once in university, that culinary curiosity grew from food unto coffee and the process from crop to cup. Once his path was clearly set towards the food industry, Mirko completed his Specialty Coffee Diploma and became an Authorised Specialty Coffee Trainer in roasting, sensory, green beans, and brewing. Additionally, Mirko acquired his Coffee Science Certificate to entirely understand the science behind making a truly distinguished coffee. With a plethora of qualifications to solidify his passion and talent, Mirko’s then travelled through the plantations of El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Colombia and Burundi. Witnessing the dedicated work that the farmers produce to grow imported goods changed the way Mirko’s viewed the industry. Thus, Mirko’s Lupolab decided to honour the dedication and tireless work that went into the crops and deliver it directly to the public of Perth, Australia, where Lupolab’s in-house roastery resides. Within Perth, culture and people are diverse, enriched with an appreciation for those like Mirko, who have brought a piece of their heart into the area with a homage to heritage with local inspirations. From fresh, local ingredients to seasonal product-driven dishes, Lupolabs creates authentic, delicious and sustainable dishes that reflect his roots as a Roman and his life in Perth. The vibrant service at Lupolabs offers a casual and youthful vibe that enchants its customers with a classical comfort and familiarity all at once. With incredible views of the city from its floor to ceiling windows, Lupolab is a showstopping restaurant that invites you. From its location to the scent of the freshly cooked food, which can be seen from its open kitchen – where quality and high standards of the products used can be observed. Weaving in cultures from across the globe, team members at Lupolabs are diversified from countries such as Vietnam, Japan, Italy, Brazil, Colombia, England, America, Bhutan and Australia, bringing in warm hospitality, a sense of home and inclusion and a feeling of familiarity. While Covid-19 has shocked every corner of the earth, Lupolabs was able to remain open, ensuring that the same passion, comfort and deliciously authentic blends of culture can be received through its takeaway service. Continuing to support locals, especially during these more difficult times, Lupolabs is working tirelessly to deliver good food and friendship – the two things that people across the globe are in search of. For Lupolabs, 2022 is a year of expansion – in flavours, menu items and eCommerce. With plans in the works to shake up the local food scene, Lupolabs is bringing quality and comfort every day to those in the Perth area. Company: LupoLab Food and Coffee Crafters Name: Nicole Nguyen Email: [email protected] Web Address: