Travel & Tourism 2023

Jun22596 10 | LUXlife Magazine - Travel & Tourism Awards 2023 Due to a gap in the market for high-end resorts, Sunlight Resorts decided to bring its 30 years of real estate experience to the world of RV resorts. Winning Best Luxury RV Resort, Florida, is no small achievement, and we’re here to celebrate Sunlight Resorts’ success. Marketing Director, Trey Lemon, says, “Sunlight Resorts was founded based on customer demand. Demand for brand new, modern, upscale RV and cottage resorts in Florida.” Sunlight Resorts’ RV community is ever-growing as more people want to experience a unique lifestyle. For some, RVs serve as a holiday home, but, for others, RVs are a way of life. The sunny state of Florida is the perfect match for RV living, whether you’re visiting or residing. Trey shares, “From day one, we have strived to be the leaders and visionaries in new construction in the Florida RV industry, and that has not changed.” This dedication to the transformation of such a rich experience is something that has pushed Sunlight Resorts to the forefront of the industry in Florida. “Our goal is to identify the desires of consumers and implement them through new development. Oversized sites, huge concrete pads, large clubhouses, tiki bars, and resort-style swimming pools are all part of our signature.” Sunlight Resorts’ USP is that it lives and breathes luxury through its “state-of-the-art amenities, tiki bars, and being able to offer a plethora of activities and experiences.” It always aims for perfection by truly listening to its customers. Its team responds to feedback well, even if it’s a suggestion for improvement – which is a brilliant quality for any business to have. Furthermore, the team has an internal culture that makes it feel like a family. It nourishes its valuable staff members and believes in “offering meaningful positions with competitive pay, while providing Jan23418 Best Luxury RV Resort - Florida Sunlight Resorts responds to the huge demand for luxury destination resorts in Florida. Its team is committed to developing and showcasing its resorts that capture our hearts and stay in our minds forever. We hear from Marketing Director, Trey Lemon, of Sunlight Resorts as it gains recognition in the Travel and Tourism Awards 2023. an environment for success,” which inevitably results in a feeling of togetherness and personal development. The entire team is genuinely appreciated, not taken for granted. This ensures that the customer service element of the business shines through – happy employees equals happy guests too. Sunlight Resorts’ Resort at Canopy Oaks has been recognised with the title of Best Luxury RV Resort, Florida, from LUXlife. From its country convenience store – with all the products we could need – to its giant pool and hot tub, business center, opulent spa, and much more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. If you like to take part in some arts and crafts or sports, treat your hair and nails to some TLC, indulge in tasty treats, and much more, Resort at Canopy Oaks is the perfect place to pull up to. The biggest RV destination in Florida, Resort at Canopy Oaks is “Florida’s newest contemporary, luxury RV resort and cottage community,” that has been providing excellence and excitement since December 2020. It is home to signature features that shouldn’t be missed if you have the chance to visit Florida. With 435 acres of abundant foliage, oversized sites, concrete pads, 12,000 square foot clubhouse, and all of the aforementioned amenities, it is a paradise to be discovered and explored. Trey enthuses, “Resort at Canopy Oaks has been our hallmark resort and has made a wonderful splash in the Florida market. With wonderful reviews and amazing guest experiences, you too can be a part of this culture of luxury and leisure!” Resort at Canopy Oaks opens up to guests, promises them brilliance, and delivers every time. The pandemic brought about a lot of difficulties however, Trey comments, “In response to Covid-19, we had the unexpected advantage that customers found solace and comfort knowing they had a safe, outdoor place to visit where they could continue to enjoy life during uncertain times.” Although the travel industry faced a lot of issues, impact, and closures, Sunlight Resorts was able to do more than stay afloat – it thrived. And it is still blooming to this very day! Sunlight Resorts has always kept its guests safe and happy. The passion that it holds makes a difference to guests’ experience and keeps them coming back for more. This business brings people together, unifying them with events and beauty to be shared. Good for any occasion, Sunlight Resorts has the perfect place to celebrate your special moment. If you’re looking for something extraordinary, you won’t be disappointed with Sunlight Resorts! Take a look at its website today. Contact: Trey Lemon Company: Sunlight Resorts Web Address: