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talented guides at Wild About Lapland will do their all to maximise your chances. Thankfully, when it comes to a streamlined and efficient service, Wild About Lapland has this basis covered too. Included in your booking is a pick-up service, as well as the appropriate winter clothing and boots to help you brave Rovaniemi’s infamously cold conditions. Full details on how best to wrap up will be given to you in advance, and the team will handle the rest for you. Seeing an awe-inspiring aurora has never been easier, or more catered to the individuals taking part. You can guarantee that, in the unlikely circumstance that you don’t get to see the northern lights, you’ll still be partaking in an in-depth arctic tour that presents the best of Finland to you. However, there are a multitude of other experiences that Wild About Lapland has to offer. From its ‘Visit an Authentic Reindeer Farm with Safari’ to its ‘Wilderness Survival Tour’, there are a plethora of options available for anyone of any ambition. Wild About Lapland’s main focus is to provide individual experiences to a wide range of people, all whilst keeping groups concise and tours focused on its participants. As a result, Wild About Lapland has set itself the goal of encouraging responsible touring, in which mass tourism is discouraged. It’s invested in the quality of its tours, and is constantly adapting and adjusting to offer the best encounters to small groups of people. As someone incredibly aware of the beauty that the Finnish Lapland has to offer, owner and lead tour guide Theo Turner has made it his aim to utilise Wild About Lapland as a conduit for his love of the area. Every tour is meticulously crafted by Theo to educate participants on how breath-taking the wilderness of Finland is. Additionally, he aims to share his knowledge of the surroundings, the culture, the wildlife and the Finnish language with his patrons, and will always answer any questions you may have, regardless of whether it’s relevant to your selected tour or not. Of course, Theo isn’t the only guide who may take you on your tour. However, that isn’t to say that the other guides hand-picked by Theo aren’t as knowledgeable as him. On the contrary, Theo has selected the best of the best when it comes to the guides handling Wild About Lapland’s tours. Not only does the team hold a similar passion for the craft as he does, but they share the ideals that Wild About Lapland is built upon too. This has been crucial to the success of each tour offered through Wild About Lapland, and is what’s ultimately driven the business to its award-winning success. So, if you’ve always dreamed of visiting the Finnish Lapland, but have been deterred by overcrowding or complicated booking processes, then look no further than Wild About Lapland. With an unrivalled love for everything arctic, you can be certain that each and every tour will be guided with mastery and an unmatched enthusiasm. The tours are the beating heart of Wild About Lapland, and with its most recent ‘Most Intimate Northern Lights Arctic Tours 2023’ award acting as a testament to both Theo and the team’s dedication, you can be sure you’ll be receiving an arctic encounter to remember. Contact: Theo Turner Company: Wild About Lapland Web Address: