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comfort with you, regardless of your journey. For your travels, you can attach the Premium Soft Travel Blanket to your hand luggage via either the luggage strap on the back of the outer case, or a carabiner backpack clip. Either way, you can be sure that your Premium Soft Travel Blanket Pillow will provide an effortless upgrade to your experience. In addition, the Premium Soft Travel Blanket can also improve the time you spend at home. If you aren’t an avid traveller, the range is tailored to maximise comfort for you and your family. Doubling as a blanket, as well as a pillow, it allows you to use its versatility in whichever way suits you best. No matter what, you’ll be guaranteed a cosy experience. This is exactly what Blue Hills Corp aims for when designing each of its products – every item should have a multitude of uses, all whilst being incredibly convenient. And, through the feedback Blue Hill Corp has received, it’s clear to see that its core values are closely adhered to. One customer expressed how ‘this blanket was a godsend’ when reviewing the Premium Soft Travel Blanket, and went on to describe how ‘it is suitable for everyone in my household’. Thanks to the smooth blend of cotton and bamboo to construct the blankets, the quality has managed to impress those who travel all over the globe. To attest to the quality of Blue Hills Corp’s travel blanket range is another satisfied customer, who states that the blanket is ‘surprisingly warm and comfortable despite how thin it may seem’. Not only are the travel blankets lightweight and portable, but prove themselves as fantastic at providing the needed warmth and comfort for those long, arduous journeys. With overwhelmingly positive reviews attached to the travel blanket range, it’s very clear that Blue Hill Corp has managed to accomplish its goal of making life easier for absolutely everyone. Whether it’s simply through the blankets being easy to wash and dry, or it being effortless to store away, the travel blanket range is flexible and continues to appeal to a range of customers. The mindfulness that has been expressed by the team at Blue Hills Corp has definitely contributed towards the success of its brand’s goal. Anyone who has purchased from Blue Hills Corp has come away satisfied, and with a fantastic price range, it’s not difficult to see why. No matter who you are, comfort is a luxury that everyone deserves, and it shouldn’t come at the price of taking up space. So, regardless of whether or not you’re someone who enjoys travelling, Blue Hills Corp’s award-winning travel blanket range will soon alter your perspective on your journeys. And, if you’re someone who prefers to stay in the comfort of your own home, the travel blanket range can help you get as cosy as possible. With such a diverse range of uses, there isn’t much the travel blanket range can’t do. Blue Hills Corp is devoted to making your life better, so start improving your travel experience with the travel blanket range. Contact: [email protected] Company: Blue Hills Corp Web Address: