Travel & Tourism 2023

28 | LUXlife Magazine - Travel & Tourism Awards 2023 rom its base in France, Exclusive France Tours possesses over 20 years of experience in high-end luxury tourism. That’s not what makes it so special, though. The agency also has the expertise to deliver high-quality events for a range of clients, whether they be individuals, groups, or companies, all of whom are eager to experience the true nature and beauty that France can provide. Working together, the agency’s staff create unique luxury experiences, cultural explorations, high-end vacation packages, and upscale events nationwide in France. It doesn’t stop there either; keep reading to see what makes Exclusive France Tours the Best Corporate Travel Agency in France. Exclusive France Tours’ Owner, Marie Tesson, tells us, “At Exclusive France Tours, we always believed that authenticity represents extraordinary life quality. World changed and our values got even stronger. We stand for tangible meanings, much related to selfexpression, exclusivity, engagement, fulfilment and sociability. Yes, there is an appetite, a need to leave frustrations behind; there is almost a vital desire for new expression. So all these made us get even closer to our clients and be there for them in their need for reconnection. Reconnection to the self, to nature, to humans, to culture, to what really means.” For clients and individuals looking to immerse themselves in the experience, the variety of tours and new options lead to customers returning over and over again. Each team member delivers on the agency’s mission of playing on France’s natural beauty and tourists’ natural curiosity. Guides and planners use emotion as a central element of the experiences they offer. Exclusive France Tours team tailor bespoke journeys for tourists and individuals, with travel specialists creating fully personalised trips that are full of beautiful discoveries and exclusive encounters. For Exclusive France Tours, it is all about going far beyond ordinary journeys to feel and experience personal revelations. Additionally, the team is keen to point out that the agency is also one of the leading luxury agencies offering bespoke wine tours of France. Utilising their knowledge, experience, and local expertise, the team specialises in offering clients private visits to prestigious cellars that are often inaccessible to the public, including in Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, the Loire Valley, Provence, the Rhone Valley, and Alsace. These tours are famous around the world and anyone who is able to attend is the envy of so many people on a global scale. Thanks to its first-class reputation, the agency is able to work with and attract very high-profile clients, who often want more than just a tour of France. What this does mean is that the team have to work with high demand and high expectations. So, due to the high expectations of clients, staff members need to pool their thoughts together, using the expertise that has been acquired thanks to their experience in highly prestigious events. Best Corporate Travel Agency - France Exclusive France Tours is a bespoke luxury travel agency specialising in authentic, tailor-made tours. It is not often that a travel agency can call itself unique, but in this case, that is exactly what it is. We take a deeper look at what makes this travel agency so special. As part of its unique selling point, highlighting that it is more than just a travel agency, Exclusive France Tours also manages private stays and professional events. Everyone is treated with the same level of care and dedication and is met with first-class service. with the same high standards of care and the very same creative skills. This award-winning team also has extensive knowledge of the local regions and hidden gems, and if you combine this with a fantastic local network forged over the years, then this is why everybody chooses to book with Exclusive France Tours. Ultimately, it is the company’s reputation and flexibility, as well as its ability to host state-of-the-art events which are the keys to its success. Every single team member and guide that is employed are experts at designing and delivering private, custom-made tours that are entirely out of the ordinary, full of authentic discoveries and exclusive experiences. Every tour is unique and tailored to the satisfaction of the customer. This is very rare in the tourism industry and is one of the many factors as to why clients flock to book with Exclusive France Tours. As noted by the team, which actually became a family of passionate travel tailors, concept creators and faithful partners, they believe that true luxury is by nature extraordinary - so the company ensures that each private tour, package, and bespoke event is precisely that – extraordinary. Company: Exclusive France Tours Name: Marie Tesson Email: [email protected] Web Address: Telephone: +33(0)4 93 218 119 F © Alain Charrier