Travel & Tourism 2023

30 | LUXlife Magazine - Travel & Tourism Awards 2023 Best Bespoke & Unique Safari Stays 2023 - North West Botswana Safari Stays is a family-owned and -operated boutique travel agency, which creates tailor-made safari itineraries throughout Southern Africa. We take a look at the safari experiences the team delivers and why they are so sought after. As a family organisation, Safari Stays has grown rapidly month on month ever since it was established. Having built a great rapport with clients and each other, the expert team consists of Martin and Twaine Kays, who are husband and wife, along with Martin’s brother, Ryan Kays. They, alongside their team, are just as invested in the safari as the tourists themselves, and this is what makes this camp so unique. The Kays brothers have such a rich history in the safari industry, that it’s no wonder their safari tours are so popular. Martin and Ryan grew up together in the safari industry, where their parents developed photographic lodges in the Jao Reserve in the Okavango Delta. Three lodges were built in 1999: Jao Camp, Jacana Camp, and Kwetsani Camp, and as a sign of its growth and popularity, today, the Jao Reserve operates six lodges, all of which are part of the Wilderness collection. The experience of Martin and Ryan is one of the significant reasons it has been recognised as the Best Bespoke & Unique Safari Stays 2023 in North West Botswana. For many wondering how the business came about, Martin and Ryan spent much of their free time when they were younger at these lodges. In 2005, Martin joined the Jao Reserve as a guide and is still working in this business 18 years later, highlighting his passion and drive for delivering such a great tourist experience. Also, years later, Ryan’s love for safari and providing a fantastic experience was reignited, with him choosing to join and remain at the business, too. This brings us to Twaine, co-owner of Safari Stays and Martin's wife. She grew up in the Cradle of Mankind of South Africa, a culturally rich tourism area on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Highlighting her expertise, it is no surprise that Twaine has helped develop an outstanding tourist experience. Twaine's father, Trevor Roberts, was integral in establishing tourism in the area. As a result, Twaine became very involved before moving to Botswana. Through the Safari Stays family and their experiences, it became evident that their travel experience and knowledge through the safari industry would allow them to set up a tourism agency that would be one of the best in the region. Recognising their unique position, the team spotted an opportunity to share their knowledge with the many potential visitors wishing to visit these destinations. Whenever you speak to the team, their enthusiasm for travelling and safari shines through. As a team, they are passionate about Africa's significant wilderness areas and being able to share the experience with others. However, it is about showing off Africa's natural beauty – That is the real driver behind the company's success. Ultimately, however, Safari Stays has built its agency thanks to word of mouth. This is an excellent sign as it shows that tourists who embark on the safari would recommend it to others on a regular basis, talking glowingly about the company and their experiences. On the team's unique travels around the world, they often meet like-minded travellers who have yearned to visit Africa but have perhaps needed clarification on how or where. By talking to them and showcasing their own experiences, the team can often bring potential tourists to Botswana for an unforgettable experience. Being based in Botswana means that Safari Stays is in the loop of the regional updates and happenings in the industry. Overall, visiting a safari park is an unforgettable experience that offers adventure, education, and relaxation. And there is no better place to start than with Safari Stays in Botswana. Company Name: Safari Stays Contact Name: Martin Kays Address: Plot 498, Riverside Ward, Maun, Botswana Web Address: Contact Email [email protected]