Travel & Tourism 2023

41 | Luxlife Magazine Best Travel Booking Solution (Italy) 2023: BizAway Removing the need to book through multiple websites, BizAway streamlines the whole process of organising business trips. With an entirely online platform and 24/7 customer support, the company offers cost-effective travel solutions that allow managers to be in complete control of their travel expenses. Saving businesses both time and money, BizAway is a great option for any company that frequently arranges travel for employees. Organising a business trip can be a complicated task. It can be difficult to book accommodation, transport, and other facilities while finding the right balance between cutting costs and ensuring comfort for the traveller. Based in Italy, Spain, Albania and UAE, BizAway is a cutting-edge corporate travel agency that offers a one-stop platform for booking hotels, flights, car rentals, and trains. The company provides a convenient solution for organising business travel, with all necessary services in one place, just a click away. All employees can access the platform, reducing the need for communication between various teams. Managers can set a maximum budget per person per trip for both international and national flights, set restrictions for users, and indicate the minimum journey length for each class of travel. When users make a booking request, the manager is able to review and approve it before the booking is made. These features enable businesses to save money by increasing control over travel expenses. Using BizAway’s platform also removes the hassle of reimbursing travellers, since it features integrated billing profiles, invoices with customisable frequency, and monthly expense reports. The platform’s new feature, BizzyFlex, can be added to bookings up to 12 hours before departure, allowing the trip to be cancelled with an 80% refund if any unexpected circumstances arise. Another useful service BizAway offers is risk management, meaning companies can assess risks in the countries its employees are visiting, making business travel safer. With a unique 100% digital platform covering every aspect of business travel, BizAway serves a range of customers. Its typical clients are medium to large sized corporations with over 100 employees, most commonly in the industrial and engineering, energy and utilities, and pharmaceutical industries. Offering 24/7 inhouse support, the company provides excellent customer service to all who use its platform. BizAway owes its success to its staff, who all work with the values of proactivity, reliability, collaboration, communication, and teamwork in mind. When hiring, the company seeks individuals who are passionate about progress and driven to find innovative solutions for clients. Encouraging its staff to be bold, learn from mistakes, and strive for the best, the company has an incredible team behind it, driving the business to success through innovation and collaboration. The travel and tourism industry is a large contributor towards global carbon emissions, so it is important for travel-related businesses to be aware of their footprint and take action. BizAway is dedicated to sustainability. It is extremely proud of its partnership with the Eden Reforestation Projects, a non-profit organisation that actively fights poverty and pollution by planting new mangrove trees in large areas affected by deforestation in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, and Kenya. Mangrove trees absorb over 308kg of CO2 throughout their lifetime, over double the amount of other tropical species. BizAway is the first platform to feature an automatic CO2 compensation system, using a calculator developed with Lufthansa Innovation Hub (LIH). When a booking is made, the amount of carbon dioxide that will be produced by the trip is indicated and the monetary compensation needed to offset this is calculated. Businesses can therefore offset the carbon footprint of their trip by donating to the Eden Reforestation Projects. For every €0.10 donated, a mangrove tree is planted. As a result of its unique travel solutions and excellent customer support, BizAway is 2023’s winner of Best Travel Booking Solution, Italy, in the Travel and Tourism Awards. Moving into 2023, the company plans for international expansion, aiming to be at the forefront of business travel solution providers in Europe. To facilitate this, the company expects to double its workforce over the next 12 months. Contact: Virna Di Stefano Company: BizAway Web Address: