Travel & Tourism 2023

45 | Luxlife Magazine Group Travel Specialists of the Year - Alaska Have you ever been a part of a large group tour, only to leave feeling as though you didn’t learn as much as you should’ve? It’s common for most tours to be led by those who don’t originate from the area they’re guiding you through, or don’t hold anywhere near enough of an interest in what it is that you’re touring. As a result, some tours can feel disingenuous and shallow. However, if it’s Alaska you’re wanting to visit, nobody will be able to guide you better than John Hall’s Alaska (JHA). As a multi-generational small business devoted to anything and everything to do with this beautiful state, you’ll leave feeling as though Alaska itself has become a part of you. Sometimes, when visiting somewhere as part of a group tour, it almost always feels impossible to experience a completely authentic side of your selected destination. Without the personal touch behind the tour, it can be frustratingly difficult to find yourself getting attached to the locations you visit. Thankfully, with JHA, you’ll never encounter this problem. With a team compiled of mostly family members, JHA has devoted itself to guiding all of its clients through Alaska in a way that will help them see the authenticity behind the state. Having been running small group tours throughout all of Alaska since 1983, JHA has managed to create a reputation for itself as the most knowledgeable and genuine group touring business throughout the state. Not only is the team equipped with the desire to share their adoration for Alaska with anyone who’s willing to listen, but each individual understands the importance of peeling back the curtain to reveal the small wonders that most other tour companies may not even consider. JHA believes that this is the only way to present Alaska in the way it deserves, and help you create unforgettable memories in the process. Additionally, to add to the authentic experience that JHA strives to create for you, the team are determined to make you feel as though you’re part of the family. With a multi-generational family at the helm of this humble business, JHA understands how vital it is that people connect with one another. This is why all of its group tours are limited in number, in order to greatly increase the personalisation of the tour. To the team, it isn’t just a tour, but an opportunity to connect with more individuals who will come to love this snowy state as much as they do. In the process, JHA ensures that each tour is specially crafted to showcase the natural wonder of Alaska. And, with a focus on local businesses throughout the state, JHA is able to concoct a tour that will feel far more appealing to the true culture of Alaska. No detail of Alaska’s history is overlooked, and JHA aims to give each and every client the chance to connect with the state’s background in a way that no other tour company can rival. The team’s passion is undeniable, and it makes for a truly brilliant experience for any traveller wanting to participate in one of these carefullycrafted tours. JHA in itself is a family looking to introduce you to the gorgeous state of Alaska, and share the beauty hidden away within it with anyone wanting to forever have a part of the state with them. Its genuine love for Alaska is already evident through how meticulously it’s been able to plan each tour. And with such an easy way to book via their website, why not take the plunge and visit Alaska with JHA? If you do, you can guarantee you’ll be receiving an experience unlike any other. Contact: Elizabeth Hall Company: John Hall’s Alaska Cruises & Tours Web Address: