Travel & Tourism 2023

46 | LUXlife Magazine - Travel & Tourism Awards 2023 Global Venue Sourcing Expert 2023 - Belgium Organising a corporate event can be challenging, particularly deciding where to host it. BR-and Consult is experienced to ensure organisations book the most suitable venues. Sourcing venues for events throughout Europe and beyond, the company is able to recommend the perfect location for any event, thanks to its extensive network of partner hotels across the globe. With substantial experience in the Hospitality and Meetings & Events industry, Bruno Rodzynek launched BR-and Consult in 2017 to support organisations optimise their event management process by providing a complete venue sourcing expertise. Able to find the most adapted venue for any corporate event, the company suggests the best options tailored to its clients’ needs, whether they are hosting a small seminar or a large conference. From classic hotels to exclusive resorts to conference centres, BR-and Consult covers destinations worldwide and specialises in European locations. While its clients are from different industries and mostly based in Belgium, Luxembourg and France, BR-and Consult partners with hotels across the globe, acting as their external sales force. This means the company has an global network, allowing to propose venues and hotels for events throughout Europe and internationally. Being a business 100% dependent on inperson events, Covid-19 pandemic had a big impact on BR-and Consult operations. Due to travel and meeting restrictions, the company was forced to reduce its operations and had to rethink the ways it could support its clients organize their events in another format. During the pandemic, many events moved online since they were not allowed to take place in-person, including meetings, seminars and conferences. This led BR-and Consult to focus on digital platforms allowing events to perform online. This shift to digital allowed the company to maintain a close relationship with its clients and demonstrate its willingness to be innovative and proactive to provide them an alternative to the in-person events. Since pandemic restrictions lifted, the company has seen an intense desire from organisations to get back to hosting in-person events. This rebound was so prompt that BR-and Consult’s hotel partners were challenged by the workload due to staff shortages following the pandemic. However, BR-and Consult revenue generated in 2022 was even better than it was in 2019 before the pandemic. Excitingly, 2023 appears even more promising. The company plans to expand its team to drive business growth, investing in people with a strong ability to be independent, to manage priorities, clients portfolio and to generate revenue. As a result of its extensive network of hotels and venues, providing clients with almost any setting they could wish for their corporate events, BR-and Consult is 2023’s winner of Global Venue Sourcing Expert, Belgium, in the Travel and Tourism Awards. With plans for expansion in the coming year, the company continues to provide venue-finding expertise to organisations worldwide. Contact: Bruno Rodzynek Company: BR-and Consult Web Address: Email: [email protected]