Travel & Tourism 2023

Creating unique itineraries for a variety of destinations, Traveling Ears Vacations makes travel hassle-free by taking the stress out of their clients’ hands and making their vacation as seamless, and stress-free as possible. Traveling Ears Vacations. Travelling Ears Vacation helps their clients create memories that last a lifetime, saving them both time and money. With a focus on Caribbean destinations, as well as various Disney holidays, Traveling Ears Vacations makes dream vacations become a reality. Best CaribbeanFocused Travel Planning Company - Texas After departure, Traveling Ears Vacations continues to support its clients. Nearly every reservation comes with a special request, whether related to room location, a special occasion, or additional amenities. The company makes sure to contact the hotel before the client’s arrival to reiterate these special requests and ensure they are prepared to welcome the clients. Clients are encouraged to contact Traveling Ears Vacations about anything they may need throughout their trip, providing them with the knowledge that they are not alone even when they are abroad. Owner of Traveling Ears Vacations, Stephanie Howard, established the company with the goal of inspiring others to experience this beautiful world and in a manner that is enjoyable and pleasant. She is proud to be the only agent selling travel at the company, generating impressive sales for the company’s partners and contributing to the overall growth of the Caribbean tourism economies. Stephanie has three assistants who complete general administrative tasks such as managing inquiries, making payments, providing pricing and more. They also help her stay organised and support her as she oversees the sales, business and marketing strategies. Stephanie’s team may be small, but they are mighty, and she finds herself lucky to have them by her side each and every day. Traveling Ears Vacations has faced many challenges throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, but Stephanie and her team have worked hard to keep the business going. With a recent increase in demand for travel now that restrictions have been lifted, the business is thriving. Moving into 2023, the company is looking forward to some exciting business opportunities, including visiting some of its partner destinations and documenting the experiences to its social media following. It also has some influencer partnerships and collaborations lined up for the coming year to help grow their social media outlets and overall, the business in its entirety. As a result of its outstanding travel planning and concierge services, Traveling Ears Vacations is the winner of Best Caribbean-Focused Travel Planning Company, Texas, in the Travel and Tourism Awards 2023. With plans to engage in further social media marketing to grow the business, the company continues to help people achieve their vacation dreams, saving time and money in the process, while also helping their clients create everlast memories. Contact: Stephanie Howard Company: Traveling Ears Vacations Web Address: acations are supposed to be fun and relaxing, but planning activities in an unfamiliar location can cause a lot of stress and confusion. Traveling Ears Vacations, owned & operated by Stephanie Howard, takes on all these stressful tasks, creating custom, seamless, and detailed itineraries for families, couples, and groups. The company believes that every trip should be just as unique as the traveller, tailored to their individual needs and desires. Guiding clients every step of the way, Stephanie and her team are committed to ensuring that their clients' holiday is everything they have dreamt of and more. When travellers choose to book with Traveling Ears Vacations, they automatically gain access to their concierge planning services, including personalised trip consultation, planning assistance, discount monitoring, payment processing, dining and tour reservations, equipment rental, transport, car rental, airfare, hotel requests and spa service bookings. The possibilities do not end there - Traveling Ears Vacations can handle almost anything its clients can imagine. Stephanie and her team understand that holidays are a luxury and their clients work hard to earn the time off to relax and unwind. As a result, it puts copious time and effort into each and every trip, making sure to think everything through. Whether clients want to be involved in the planning process or are happy to hand the reigns to Traveling Ears Vacations, they ensure that their trip is exactly what their clients want and need. Committed to providing the best vacations possible, Traveling Ears Vacations utilises the strong relationships it has built with the top resorts, vendors, and suppliers to guarantee that customers will only experience the best of the best. The pre-departure experience is key for making sure all clients’ desires are discussed. At this stage, the client may request specific experiences and activities they would like to book for their trip. Stephanie and her team take pride in booking the most sought-after and well-researched experiences for their clients to ensure every single vacation is one their clients remember for a lifetime. V