Travel & Tourism 2023

57 | Luxlife Magazine Best Outbound Luxury Travel Agency - Germany Bespoke is everything these days. In a world where everyone has more access to everything, there’s more of a demand to be unique and individual – not cookie cutter. Businesses of all sizes and all over the world are capitalising on this new ability to reach new customers and markets to be tailored and offer truly expert advice. That’s where ReiseQueen has found its success. We spoke to Owner Daniela Leis to find out more. While all of the above is true, the nature of the travel industry also lends itself well to moving to a more bespoke service. After all, it can be an incredibly complex landscape to navigate when you consider the myriad options and avenues to take. You need a guiding hand, and ReiseQueen offers just that, with Daniela fully understanding that time is our most valuable asset. “Just like hiring a financial planner, an interior designer or a handyman, it makes sense to entrust your most valuable asset - your time - to experienced experts. Nowadays, you can book everything yourself online, but trip planning is more complex than ever before. Does the accommodation really fit your needs? Is it possible to travel by private jet? Who will take care if something doesn't work out? Is the accommodation overbooked or the flight cancelled? With us, the support doesn’t end with the conclusion of the booking, but we are still personally there for our customers,” Daniela explains in more detail. Sometimes you just need someone else to handle the details and the troubles so you can, simply, relax. Equally, there’s very much a tendency in the greater travel space for so-called experts to be, well, lacking. Passion for travel permeates ReiseQueen with Daniela herself being an avid traveller – which offers clients peace of mind that she knows exactly what she’s talking about. “All of the team have travelled to numerous countries, stayed in hundreds of the world's best hotels and resorts, and enjoyed the kind of experiences that make up bucket lists.The value of working with a knowledgeable consultant has never been higher. And all at no additional cost! “My employees represent ReiseQueen. They identify 100% with the company and the passion for travel and that is the most important quality, because we offer high class service and are always there for our customers. Short distances are important, we are all networked with each other at all times. I also trust my employees 100%, so there is a lot of room for creativity.” Of course, it’s been a challenging time for travel and tourism companies in recent years, with the COVID-19 pandemic being a colossal issue to try and navigate. Many have struggled, and while recent months have shown notable recovery, the pandemic’s shadow lingers on. “The past couple of years have shown how important it is to be there for our customers. Many travel companies have gone underground and were not reachable by phone or mail for months. We were active at all times. Likewise, the correct clarification of any entry restrictions, the right coverage, risks and the best options, etc. were crucial for us at all times. The online jungle is gigantic, and the prices are identical, so why not use the service of a competent agency like ours instead of blindly booking online,” Daniela adds. While ReiseQueen has maintained its reputation and position on the market, the future is one of growth and expansion, as Daniela concludes in her closing comments. “We want to set up more group tours, but these are still in the planning stage. In 2022 we have travelled with a group to Cappadocia and have experienced the magic of 1001 nights, including hot air balloon flights, of course.” Company Name: ReiseQueen Contact Name: Daniela Leis, Owner Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]