Travel & Tourism 2023

OV Traveller is a luxury travel service that creates the most unique experiences when visiting the Maldives. It carefully selects the best villas with the outmost privacy to provide its clients with the trip that surpasses their expectations. With only the finest names and services, the team are specialists in personalised, luxury travel. Leading Specialists in Luxury Indian Ocean Travel - Maldives located in the Middle East, Singapore and the Far East, the Philippines, Australia, and Sri Lanka. They are responsible for booking travel arrangements, the activities that guests request, and are the main point of contact throughout the whole process. Guests have 24/7 access to support in case of emergency or simply for enquires during their stay , this is available until they board their flight home. The Director, Shafraz Fazely, says, “Just like the quote, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ As we are near to our 10th anniversary in luxury travel, we have to say that our journey has been fuelled by changes. We are constantly evolving and growing in order to better serve our guests. And we’re excited to see where 2023 takes us.” OV Traveller attended the World Travel Market 2022 in London, where it learned about the travel industry’s footprint on the environment. Therefore, it feels that it is its responsibility to do what it can to support the movement of saving our home and the precious creatures that we share it with. 2023 will be driven by its introduction of a new program called the Conscious Paradise with the aims to rescue, revive, and help the Indian Ocean thrive again. The program is run by its in house marine biologist turned Business Development Executive, Emma Bell. As a corporate social responsible company, it is aware that every little helps, and it is devoted to supporting the local community through its partnership with the Maldives Whale Shark Research and Conservation Program, while also educating guests on conscious travelling. OV Traveller’s great efforts to provide luxurious services around the clock to its guests, while giving them access to magical locations, is highly recognised in the industry. It now holds the title of Leading Specialists in Luxury Indian Ocean Travel – Maldives, and we are excited to see what 2023 brings for the company, and its guests, as it introduces its new sustainability program. Contact: Shafraz Fazely Company: OV Traveller Web Address: ts customers are elite travellers that know what they want, but don’t have the time to make the arrangements themselves. Therefore, the team at OV Traveller takes on the responsibility of crafting the most incredible travel experiences specifically designed for them. Guests have the opportunity to travel in a private plane to stay in exclusive islands in the Maldives, with their own butler service. OV Traveller doesn’t play small; it creates the perfect getaway to reach ultimate relaxation in the outmost beautiful and calming locations. It believes on the importance of establishing strong relationships with its guests that are specifically built around trust, as it has a direct effect on the success of the company – and its ability to provide customers with outstanding trips. Whether it is a romantic getaway, a family and friends’ holiday, or a work trip, it ensures that everything is crafted to create memorable experiences that you certainly won’t forget. To be able to do this, it has a team of destination specialists (DS) that are based around the world. Its DS are I