LUX Winter 2018

LUX - Winter 2018 13 A Real Family Atmosphere A Real Family Atmosphere An atmospheric family restaurant, Trailblazer Grille is not just about the food, as the venue facilitates many avenues of entertainment. However, the food on offer is still something to behold. Trace tells us how the restaurant always aims to achieve excellence and ensure that only the best food and beverages are served. “Here at Trailblazer Grille, our biggest focus is consistency. Our regular customers especially, have a favourite dish we serve or that one thing they maybe cannot get elsewhere, so consistency is very important with our food.” As well as producing excellent food and drinks, it is important also to ensure that a quality standard of health and safety is observed throughout the restaurant. Trace explains what steps he and the team take to guarantee standards are met, and why this is a factor in their success. “Health and Safety is very important to us; we require all of our servers to complete an online course for food handling, and our kitchen staff must complete several courses that cover every aspect of handling and preparing food. Our Kitchen Manager is charged with making sure every precaution is taken to ensure staff and customers alike are safe from accidents or food borne illnesses.” Within the restaurant, Trailblazer Grille’s mission statement is embedded in the internal culture. Providing a great experience and enticing the customer to come back are all goals of the team, as Trace alludes to. “Everyone here at the restaurant sees everyone else as family, and as such, we are all concerned about each other. It is not uncommon to hear someone at the end of their day give everyone else warm wishes as they head out the door.” In his concluding comments, Trace signs off by explaining how client expectations have changed, and how the team at Trailblazer Grille have adapted around these. He talks about the growth of the restaurant and how customers have come to expect so much more. “Essentially, when we purchased it, the restaurant was a Tea Room only open for lunch. We spoke to many of the existing customers about what they would like to see us morph it into; not only have we met these but according to many, we have far exceeded them.” Trailblazer Grille is a restaurant making its mark in the food industry throughout Texas. We spoke to Trace Catlin as we aim to find out about what entices customers to the venue. Company: Trailblazer Grille Contact: Trace Catlin Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 216 S. Main St, Burnet, TX 78611, USA Phone: 001 512 756 7636 Website: