LUX Winter 2018

LUX - Winter 2018 15 A Historic Steak House with a Wild Game Twist A Historic Steak House with a Wild Game Twist Situated in the shadows of the Cascade mountains, twenty miles east of Seattle is the Woodman Lodge. Located in the historic district of downtown Snoqualmie, the Woodman Lodge is something to behold winning multiple city, state and county awards for its restora-tion. Having underwent a two year extensive refurbishment, this 1902 historic venue stands out a bit from the coat & jacket steak houses. Guests often comment “Dinning at the Wood-man Lodge is like stepping back into time”. From a zinc counter bar with its running water spittoon trough, gas lanterns and Northwest taxidermy, the Woodman Lodge captures the period providing guests with a warm ambiance and casual setting. The team behind the scenes who created the wonderful venue, believe that the restaurant stands as a tribute to the historical spirit of its Snoqualmie Valley founders. The Woodman Lodge offers dinner throughout the week; (closed Mondays), offering nightly Fresh Pacific seafood specials and wild game in addition to several cuts of Dry aged prime steaks. Happy hour runs Tuesday through Friday nights at 4pm – 6pm. The Woodman Lodge offers guests with the best options of prime steaks, fresh seafood and wild game anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, and the client testimonials and customer satisfaction levels endorse this. Not just content with providing an exceptional culinary experience, guests are also able to select from the award winning wine list, which has been curated by wine lovers of Washington, Oregon and European wines. Ultimately, there is much for the Woodman Lodge to be excited about, entering into their tenth year in operation as the Historic Steakhouse and Saloon, the Woodman Lodge has once again become a destination providing wonderful memories for Family and Friends. The Historic Woodman Lodge - Steak House & Saloon is enticing guests from all over the world, whether it be locals or tourists. We profiled the stunning venue as we look to explore the secrets behind its tasty success. Company: Woodman Lodge Steak House & Saloon Owner: Peter La Haye Executive Chef: Thomas Cullen Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 38601 SE King St, Snoqualmie, Washington, USA Phone: 001 425 888 4441 Website: