LUX Winter 2018

LUX - Winter 2018 49 Distilled in London, Edgerton Pink Gin boasts a fascinating history. Martin Edgerton Gill, formerly owner of the London Gin Company, discovered that whilst superb taste in the glass is key to the long term success of a liquor brand, colour really works. His creation, the world’s first blue gin “London No 1 Blue” sold in 2010 to Gonzalez Byass of Spain has been a huge success. Rather than retire on the sale of London Gin, he decided to explore the possibilities of a pink gin. Gill’s father had spent five years in the Royal Navy during World War II and brought home with him a love of pink gin. This traditional nautical tipple, consisting of gin and Angostura bitters, was launched in 1824 initially as a cure for sea sickness. However, its popularity in civilian life grew apace and by the late eighteen hundreds had become a favourite in fashionable bars throughout the world. Martin, who had pioneered herbal teas in the nineteen eighties, used his considerable knowledge of herbs and spices to create a totally new and contemporary pink gin. Quite apart from the enticing rosiness it is a delightful and complex gin blended with no less than fifteen exotic ingredients including pomegranate. Thanks to this expertise and the knowledge that went into its creation, it is no wonder that this delicious spirit is renowned today. The unique combination of 15 botanicals offers a refreshing mouthful, and combined with the smooth and refreshing taste, makes this the ideal ingredient in a luxurious and decedent cocktail. With a rich, fruity flavour and a pink hue, this is a truly beautiful gin in more ways than one, with strong notes of herbs and berries. This versatile spirit is also lovely to drink alone, and will help create unforgettable memories of being truly relaxed and pampered. Edgerton Pink Gin is an award winning pink gin with a taste that is unlike any other.