Winter 2019

26 Aug19393 Simple Complexities – NewYork Jeweller Shines Since developing a passion for jewellery and beautiful things at a young age, Noor Shamma has been fascinated with the complex intricacies of fine jewellery. Effortlessly elegant, her interest in these intricacies allow her to permeate the ordinary in search of beauty in everything. Incorporating her own emotion, art and identity into the jewellery, each collection is handmade by some of the most skilled master artisans in New York City. Executing to exquisite perfection, the brand of Noor Shamma is the result of harmonious balance between tradition and sophistication. Expertly blending classic and contemporary styles, Noor’s influence is clear to see through her existing collections, Repertoire and Troika. Made in 18-karat gold, the signature Repertoire collection delivers a distinctive pattern with numerous variations, and key emphasis on the concepts of identity, versatility, and consistency as Noor discovered her own unique repertoire. The Troika collection is also crafted from 18-karat gold, but also incorporates the brilliance of diamonds and the lustre of pearls. Using similar geometric repetition, there are also soft undertones of playful and organic balance. Delicately complementing the imaginative wanderer in Noor Shamma, this collection of hers is perfect for the everyday user. Inspired by geometric patterns and strong architectural themes, each of Noor’s collections speak for themselves, bringing her deeply personal feelings into full view as they truly put a glint in any jewellery connoisseur’s eye. Every piece of fine jewellery is timelessly captivating, crafted to nothing less than perfection under Noor’s watchful gaze from inception to completion. Not only determined to create beautiful and everlasting beauty, Noor Shamma believe in the importance of ensuring that the planet is looked-after. Committing to environmentally sustainable practices, the firm monitor their impact as a business through conserving natural resources, reducing energy usage, carbon emissions and carbon footprint. Working with suppliers certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council, Noor understands the impact that metal mining has on the atmosphere through poisonous gas emissions. The firm therefore use recycled, and conflict-free metals in their efforts to create truly sustainable jewellery. By securing safe jobs for miners, promoting gender equality, and empowering artisans and their mining communities in South America, Noor Shamma is protecting basic human rights as well as the environment. Those mining communities in South America are also allowed to implement social welfare programs and positive environment initiatives, ensuring that they are free of conflict and child labour. As a member of Ethical Metalsmiths, and sourcing diamonds from countries that are in compliance with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, this fine jeweller is doing her bit to save the planet and its people. Today, Noor launches her new collection “Luz” celebrating ‘light’ as inspiration. This collection combines everything that has made the brand a runaway success – all architectural considerations of form and balance, and delightful geometric patterns. Ultimately, at the heart of Noor Shamma’s success is her continued devotion to sustainable practices whilst creating incredibly beautiful and intricately detailed jewellery. Full of sophistication, class and style, Noor’s collections are remarkable, and should be praised even further for their work in helping ensure that future generations also have a beautiful planet to enjoy. Company: Noor Shamma For inquiries, please contact [email protected] Follow IG @noorshamma Website: In the city that never sleeps, it’s important to shine. Sustainable fine jewellery brand owner Noor Shamma stands above her competition with her unrivalled skill and proud individuality. As a proud member of the MJSA and one of LUXlife’s leading designers for 2019, we uncover the secrets behind Noor’s continued success.