Winter 2019

28 Plainspace Architecture and Design DPC is a specialised residential and commercial architecture, interior and design firm based in and out of New York City. Following the firm’s recognition in the 2019 Leading Designers program, where it received the ‘Award for Excellence in Innovation’, we spoke with Principal and Founder, Angelica M. Ruano, and Co-Founder Marc J. Albertin to find out more about their exemplary approach to design. Design as Architecture There’s an unmistakable quality that defines Plainspace’s work. It’s found in the careful arrangement of the working space, and an awareness of the area as a three-dimensional environment. As such, every element seems purposeful, contributing to a very specific feel, atmosphere, and vision. There’s something simply enticing about it all that marks the firm as different. In the luxury sphere it’s a quality that cannot be overstated in its appeal and has certainly served Plainspace well when it comes to forging an almost peerless reputation. It’s all particularly impressive when you consider that Plainspace found its beginning and has thrived in the ubercompetitive Manhattan market. Where Plainspace excels, however, is in its efforts to meet client expectations and needs, as Angelica explains. “The firm invests heavily in personally guiding our clients through the design and execution process of all projects, regardless of the size. This personal and dedicated attention to detail leads to the understanding of our clients’ needs and to, eventually, successful relationships and projects. As part of this, we work heavily with three-dimensional representation to ensure our clients understand, and can visualise, the projected outcome as clearly as possible.” Today, they celebrate a client base that includes RIMOWA and Chanel Beauty, among their many private clients. This ethos for client-centricity is very much ingrained into all echelons of the company, acting as a true cornerstone to their specialised and carefully curated approach. The basis of this thinking begins with the staff of Architects “We start with an office manual which describes employee requirements and the expectations from our office. However, we work as a kind of family and mentorship approach where we train our employees to understand all aspects of what it takes to complete a highly detailed project in our office.” Perhaps unusually for a design firm, Plainspace only hires Architecture