Winter 2019

31 Jul19409 Sublime Santorini Hotel’s Superb Success Greek tourism continues to rise in popularity as more and more celebrities and travellers recognise the outstanding beauty of the islands. On the island of Santorini, arguably one the country’s most luxurious, is boutique hotel Athina Luxury Suites. Offering unparalleled sea views and unmatched opulence, discover how this company have established themselves as Santorini’s most outstanding luxury boutique hotel. Built on the iconic cliffs of the caldera at Fira, the capital of Santorini, Athina offer unlimited sea views of the famous sunset, the nearby archipelago of volcanic islands, and the entire caldera. With the highest level of quality service and amenities, this boutique hotel is perfect for guests looking to experience the best luxury money can buy in Santorini. Simply metres away from the cultural hub of the town centre, guests don’t have to compromise on seclusion and tranquillity when being near local sights of interest. Following the hotel’s full renovation in 2016, Athina has since been designed for the more discerning guests amongst the hotel’s clientele. Indoor pools lead out to stunning views of the setting sun over the glittering Aegean Sea, and the minimalist aesthetic gives an overwhelming sense of refined luxury that is impossible to beat. A unique take on Greek architecture, guests can’t help but feel swept away to a world all their own, despite being only a few step from the delightful restaurants and services that make up Fira’s town centre. Intimate detail is paramount to the service that all staff at Athina strive to offer. Occupying more staff than the average hotel on Santorini, every employee receives daily training in the form of seminars and language courses to ensure that every guest, wherever they are from, is made to feel like they have entered a luxurious extension to their own home. The suites on offer with Athina range in size and shape, but not in luxury offered. Each space, whether it be the Junior Suite or The Royal Suite, is designed with the utmost luxury living in mind. With a total of fourteen premium accommodations, each space offers its own unique luxury amenities that range from heated outdoor jacuzzies to private balconies, infinity pools to multiple master bedrooms. These rooms are nothing short of incredible. As more and more people flock to the Greek islands every year, the tourism market is in a constant state of flux. Having to remain informed and updated to handle any challenge, Athina’s success comes from their ability to understand how the tourism market progresses each season. Guests want to have unique experiences that are unlike anything they have experienced before, and this is where the hotel achieves greatness. Despite it’s existing uniqueness as a cosmopolitan haven, Santorini is made even more outstanding and luxurious by this boutique hotel. Spectacular views, world-class service and gorgeous lodging come together to effortlessly create a once-in-a-lifetime experiences, every single time guests use Athina. Santorini is a wonderfully beautiful island, but it’s true luxury comes in the form of hotels such as this one, cementing the island’s status as the go-to place for divine opulence. Company: Athina Luxury Suites Contact: Panagiotis Iglesis Website: Retreat