Winter 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 33 Winter 2019 Found in the heart of Chianti, this breathtaking Medieval castle offers stunning views of Tuscany that really must be seen to be believed. Looking outward, vineyards, woods and fields hold your gaze, the magic of more simple times brought to life. In the hotel grounds, sympathetically restored to reveal the almost ten centuries of history behind this ancient convent, a spa, two restaurants and that typical Italian hospitality make you feel at home, feel well and feel safe. The secret behind the success of Castel Monastero is not just in its location, but in the people who bring it to life every day. You might be revelling in the delicacies of the gourmet “Contrada”, testing the talents of their exquisite executive chef. You might be trying out the "Aquae Monasteri" course with its high saline density sea oil pool, designed exclusively by the medical team of Thalasso del Forte. No matter where you are and what you’re doing, the staff of Castel Monastero offer the human touch and an authentic Italian style to your experience. This is what makes Castel Monastero a Leading Hotel of the World and ensures that the standards it sets for itself don’t slip. The gastronomic mind will not have failed to be tempted by the delectations offered by “Contrada”, putting a sophisticated interpretation on characteristic Tuscan cuisine. Furthermore, the wine connoisseur cannot help but be drawn into the depths of “La Cantina”, a XIII century cellar which holds only the finest Tuscan and Chianti wines. No matter what your poison, the delights of both will attract even the most resistant of good food enthusiast. For the devotee of luxury spa treatments, there is nothing that Castel Monastero cannot offer at the highest possible level. With every service offered dedicated to improving your wellness and inner harmony, there’s something for everyone here. Quite apart from the soothing massages and treatments available, it’s in the outside yoga sessions where the magic of Castel Monastero really comes alive. Here, in the wonderful gardens of the castle, you aren’t in a hotel. You discover it’s a place of refuge, a space to be, a connection to the greater world around you. Castel Monastero offers something truly unique to visitors to Tuscany. Set apart from the rest of the world, you will be treated like royalty inside your own private castle. A setting of corn fields, chestnut forests and Cypress trees awaits you, with fine food, good company and luxury treatments to seal the deal. There really is nothing like Castel Monastero. How could there be? Contact: Francesca Nuvolone Telephone: 00 39 0577 570570 Email: [email protected]