Winter 2019

34 May19073 Innovative Design from an Inspirational Mind Based in New York City, Fülcher Design International is a movie production design, manufacturing and project management firm. As part of the ongoing LUXlife ‘Year in Review’ feature, where we spotlight the very best firms working in global luxury markets, we took a closer look at Fülcher Design to find out more about their work and expertise. COMPANY A certain comprehensiveness has come to define Fülcher Design International’s work as they look to revolutionise best design practices across a plethora of very distinct industries. Indeed, the sheer breadth of Fülcher Design’s portfolio of work offers an interesting glimpse into its Founder, Jean-Hans Fülcher – his interests, his passions and his life. Jean-Hans graduated with honours from one of the top design schools in the country, the Pratt Institute in Industrial Design, with a major in Automotive Design. Moreover, his classical training in engineering, architecture, design and art comes to the fore in his work, but used in interesting, novel ways. Above all, Fülcher’s work never fails to be interesting – a crucial element in the enduring success of the firm. This grounding idea of comprehensiveness permeates every project, with due considerations made to the psychology of space, colour, branding, alongside a diligent dedication to customer service and need assessment. From these foundations, Fülcher gets to work, developing visual solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and, above all, functional. Like many of his peers, Fülcher understands the importance of client collaboration, and the necessity for clear, constant communication, as he explains in more detail: “Firstly, an informal old school meeting and needs assessment is essential. This could be done over coffee, to first see if both parties gel and are a good fit. Compatibility is a must, especially for a long-term business venture. My experiences have shown that all of the potential incompatibility issues will subtly show itself during these simple social activities. If all goes well, discussions on project goals, financials, budgets, and delivery time frames would be the second step.” A strong client-centric approach to design has allowed Fülcher to flourish despite increasing competition and market volatility. On top of this, as Fülcher moves on to discuss, is the growing role of social media in the industry, which has had paradigm-shifting repercussions for all pretensioners, regardless of location. “Social media is allowing consumers to publicly address their likes or dislikes of a design very quickly and have the power to impact scores of people on a grassroots level. In light of that, brands are becoming ever-more sensitive to their client’s needs, and the important role that public relations has on their day to day operations. Despite this, our firm will concentrate on bespoke orders for high net worth individuals. For that market, privacy is more important and being low key is essential to gain those client's trust.” Finally, when it comes to the future of Fülcher Design International, Fülcher takes a moment to talk about the firm’s most recent business ventures and how he plans to capitalise on his success working in the transportation industry. “Most recently, I have founded the National Transportation Innovation Alliance (NTIA), having spent a considerable amount of time laying the groundwork. Being a consultant for the world's largest transportation system has prepared our firm to be a leader and problem solver for projects that involve transportation and retail development: transportation hub design, development feasibility studies, retail business development and training are some of the services that will be provided.” Beyond that, the firm have recently moved to develop two new luxury ventures that look set to attract entirely new markets. The first is the ‘VIP Flight Lounge’: “It’s a custom fabricated ‘Gamer’s Lounge’ shaped like a corporate jet – perfect for a classic man cave, gaming environment or nightclub”. The other, carrying on aviation trend, is the ‘Nuptial Flight Service’, which combines a luxury jet setting with wedding planning, as Fülcher concludes. “Nuptial Flight is intended for busy couples that want to get married quickly but still want that luxurious quality.” Company: Fülcher Design International Name: Jean-Hans Fülcher Address: 2578 Broadway, Suite 189 NY, NY 10025 Telephone Number: +1 34795 48759 Website: