Winter 2019

40 One of London’s leading Italian food suppliers, La Bottega Del Pane offers a range of delicious continental treats. A pioneer in the market, La Bottega Del Pane was one of the first companies to introduce a form of Italian sourdough bread, based on the revered Altamura, to the UK. This delicious bread comes from Puglia in Italy, which is also Rocco’s birthplace, making this luscious bread extra special. Widely used throughout the South of Italy, Altamura is called sourdough bread but differs from the common sourdough, such French and American, as it is not as strong in taste. It has an airy quality and a distinctive yellowish colour, which is due to only using semolina flour. One of the many advantages of Altamura is that it can be kept for as long as seven days, making ideal for bruschetta. Rocco is particularly proud of the product he offers and is keen to discuss it in more detail. For more than 18 years La Bottega Del Pane has been providing sumptuous Italian delicacies to customers and establishments throughout London. We spoke to Rocco Tanzarella to find out more about how far this homely establishment has come over the years to win one of this year’s revered Hospitality Awards. “Perhaps our greatest achievement here at La Bottega Del Pane was when we first started creating a loaf of bread based on the revered Altamura. We were among the first bakeries in the UK to offer this delicious Italian sourdough bread. It is particularly special because it has a long fermentation process, which produces a truly unique taste. Over the years we have supplied this bread to some of the top restaurants, hotel groups and chains throughout the capital and it is one of our most popular products to this very day. Our revered customers for this bread have included River Cafe, Theo Randall restaurants for Intercontinental Hotels, Novikov, Manicomio, Colicci Group Milo’s Restaurant Prezzemolo Vitale and many others.” Aug19305 La Bottega Del Pane: Best Family-Run Bakery & Cafe 2019 - SouthWest London