Winter 2019

48 Aug19307 Relax and Rejuvenate with Color Me Cosy “People say coach potato like it’s a bad thing, but I disagree”. For Teri Shadbolt, life simply needs quiet moments. To take the time to relax, recuperate and, eventually, to carry on to tackle whatever life decides to throw at us. As you can imagine, Teri has thoroughly embraced this idyllic ethos as part of her utterly luxurious cushion designs over at Color Me Cosy. Intrigued, we took a deep dive to find out more. More than anything, Color Me Cosy can be defined by Teri’s delight in relaxing: in finding the time for oneself to recuperate, de-stress and unwind. Far from being a luxury, it should be a necessity. Of course, that isn’t to say that the space you relax in should be spartan. Far from it, in fact. As seen in Vanity Fair, Vogue and The World of Interiors, Teri’s perfectly soft cushions are the ideal addition to any living space where you can sit down, put your feet up and enjoy a hot cup of tea. Founded in 2017, this authentic Australian firm based in the Perth Hills offers truly luxurious square and oblong cushions and throws of velvet backed with fluffy mink. “The colors and textures are so, so important to me. I spend a lot of time wandering around fabric shops checking for softness and snuggability. I think sometimes I unnerve the staff, standing there stroking the velvet!” Teri laughs. All the colors are carefully chosen for their soothing meanings. Dusty rose is a touch nostalgic and romantic while teal adds a burst of confidence and serenity to your space. Plum is all about luxury and extravagance! Crystal, ecru and latte are some of the neutral tones that bring peace and calmness, home and warmth. Whatever your colour scheme, there is sure to be something from Color Me Cosy that will suit any living space. Oblong cushions by Color Me Cosy can help with finding that perfect spot of comfort by supporting your lower back after crashing on the sofa with that much-needed post-work cuppa and chocolate bar. Throws can be draped over the back of the sofa, or keep you warm when curled on the sofa, and make the perfect addition to any living room. A natural extension to Terri’s self-care mission, you can take the effort out of relaxing with the ColorMeCosy subscription box. Each box has been carefully curated to give clients an exquisite mix of home décor and self-care items, all with the bonus of being hand-crafted in Australia. The ColorMeCosy box comes out quarterly in August, November, February and May, with each one being based around a different theme. Have the choice between fragrances, color palettes and dairy & gluten free options to fully tailor the box to you and your style. This November the box is filled everything you need to have yourself the most indulgent foot spa. Coming out right before the busy Christmas period when life gets extra full with people and parties, give your poor feet a chance to recover! With fragrant bath scrubs and creams as well as a book to read, cookies to nibble and more, this beautiful, artisan box of pampering goods from Color Me Cosy is the perfect treat to spoil yourself with. Ultimately, Color Me Cosy’s success is down to a sort of simple luxury. The joy of an artisanal, curated product made well. Whether curling up on the sofa with a delightful tea beneath a fluffy throw, or snuggling up alongside a luxurious velvety cushion, there is something for everyone to feel truly relaxed and rejuvenated. Company: Color Me Cosy Contact: Teri Shadbolt Website: