Winter 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 51 Winter 2019 drawings on how a space will look. The firm also use group messaging applications, enabling all members of the design team to communicate clearly with the clients in discussing minor project topics in one, single efficient place. All in all, a seamless client experience remains fundamental to the firm’s ongoing success. But they are more than just a design team and all members of RJHArchitecture’s team work collaboratively across a myriad of projects. Extremely honest with one another, every member of staff encourages team efforts on complex projects to ensure all parties benefit from one another’s expertise. Having worked alongside many of the UK’s best consultants, the firm’s skills and abilities have been amplified. Since their humble beginnings, their level of understanding regarding design, technical, construction, and contractual processes has increased exponentially. Trialling advanced new technologies for potential business improvements remains an ongoing element in RJHArchitecture’s growth. Indeed, one of the most important technological advancements made within the office over the last two years is the inclusion of an in-office 3D printer, enabling the production of scaled 3D models. Elsewhere, in terms of software, the company often explore office management, computer-aided design management, team workflow apps, software and systems that are integral to the smooth running of the office. Looking to the future, the firm have an exciting slate of projects lined up. Currently working on a large amalgamation project in Beirut, RJHArchitecture have also had a large residential enquiry in Sydney, and teamed up with one of the largest interior design firms in Europe on an extraordinary lateral conversion scheme in Central London. If the next twelve months are anything like the last twelve months, it will be a hugely exciting time for the business. Ultimately, the success of RJHArchitecture as LUXlife’s 2019 Architect of the Year is best exemplified in their continued flourishment where other firms have struggled with uncertainty. Providing best-in-class client service, and devotion to the intricacies of each unique project, the firm are set to be an exciting business for many years to come. Company: RJHArchitecture Name: Richard James Hastings