Winter 2019

53 Oct19109 Best Baby Casting Company 2019 - London Run by twins Chloe and Pippa, Feet-1st Baby Sculpture is a casting company based in and around London and Surrey. Dedicated to capturing those precious ‘gone-too-soon’ moments of childhood in a unique way, we caught up with them to find out a little more about their outstanding services. Pippa and Chloe have been making these delightful impressions and sculpture castings for over thirteen years. If you’ve ever wanted a memento of your new-born baby’s hand, squeezing your little finger for dear life, this is the way to go. Through the casting and sculpture process, every little detail can be kept forever, long after your little baby has grown considerably bigger! As a small family-run company, Chloe and Pippa are sincere about making sure that your memories are captured forever. The process is simplicity itself and tailored to make the experience as pleasant for parent and baby as possible while capturing every little detail of your baby’s tiny toes. The 3D sculptures are made by taking a mould of your child’s foot or hand. This is done using specially mixed Alginate, a skin safe, soft setting solution and a protective cream acting as a barrier on the skin. It doesn’t matter if your child wriggles or needs a feed and is done impressively quickly with a practiced flourish by the twins. Impressions are taken by pressing the children's hand or foot into a soft terracotta clay and that's their bit done. While you can visit their homes in Surrey or Tooting for this part of the process, Chloe and Pippa are quite happy to visit homes, adding that extra level of care and convenience at a tiring time.The finish you can get on these pieces varies according to taste, and Pippa and Chloe are quite happy to try something a little bit different if so desired. Feet-1st make several different types of casting, including plaster, bronze, resin and coloured glass and crystal to name a few. The variety of finishes means that there’s truly something to suit everyone. Most of the work is done in-house by the twins, putting years of experience into making something unique. To match their skills, an expert glass artist is engaged to manage the glass and crystal work, while bronze work is sent out to a top foundry. Making sure that these bespoke castings can continue to sit beautifully within a client’s house, Chloe and Pippa are very conscious of ensuring that their pieces are appropriate for current house trends. ‘The framing options and finishes we offer need to be in line with the current home trends, so we regularly update what we offer to suit our clients’ homes,’ they say. Looking ahead, they are currently perfecting a wider range of finishes to their resin range, allowing for even more options that might suit their customers. There are a lot of casting kits on the market at the moment, which offer much the same as Pippa and Chloe. Unfortunately, it’s a difficult process to perfect, and often clients get disappointing results. Luckily, Chloe and Pippa are on hand to save the day with their very own finishing service. They’ll tidy up what you’ve done and will move them onto a metal finish and frame if the customer desires. The appeal of these sculptures cannot be denied. They’re something a little quirky, to remind parents of a time when their children were smaller. Something to be kept on display as a reminder of what they used to be, and of what they have become. The skill and experience behind Feet1st is really that the customer comes first, with their comfort and security guaranteed. Feet-1st aim to capture those precious happy times, and they certainly succeed in that. Company: Feet-1st Baby Sculpture Contact: Chloe Constantine Address: 87 Upland road, Sutton, Surrey, SM2 5JA, UK Phone: 07950 920097 Website: