Winter 2019

56 Oct19126 Italian Ingenuity in Class Cyprus Resort Ideally located on the seafront beaches of Paphos, the award-winning Azia Resort and Spa is the perfect place to escape in search of matchless beauty, ultimate relaxation, and exquisite dining. Home to some of the island’s most mouth-watering Italian cuisine, we discover more about this resort and the Cipro restaurant to learn more about their award-winning success. Having been repeatedly recognised as one of the world’s leading resorts for luxury design, family experiences, and spa facilities, Azia Resort and Spa is one Cyprus’ treasures that simply must be experienced. With magnificent views of Paphos’ bay and a westward-facing outlook, the resort is one of a few that provides guests with truly breathless views of blazing sunsets whilst being surrounded by some of the finest locations and riches that Cyprus has to offer. With superb service, faultless facilities, stunning interior design, and amazing activities, there is already no shortage of things to do for guests staying at Azia Resort and Spa. The hotel offers guests a massive range of activities each and every day, with separate clubs for young infants, older children, teenagers, and adults. With three sublime swimming pools and an extensive array of activities, guests can join in if they wish, or simply choose to relax and enjoy sunbathing beneath the Mediterranean palm trees. The true gem of this outstanding hotel and resort lies in its myriad of tantalising restaurants, bars and drink outlets. Amongst the five restaurants and seven drink outlets, one stands alone as truly gorgeous, serving up a slice of Italian heaven on a plate. The Cipro Restaurant, open for dinner between 7pm and 10pm each day, offers an a la carte menu with antipasti display and excellent waiter service. Requiring a smart casual dress code and reservations, Cipro is the perfect place for adults to finish off their busy day of relaxing and basking in the glory of Mediterranean sunshine. Situated in an exquisite marble conservatory, the restaurant is decorated from top to bottom in white, giving the whole space an elegant and classy feel. Splashes of natural green colours make the restaurant feel more like a natural haven; a place of Cypriote culture with Italian cuisine. All of the food at Cipro is cooked fresh on the day, including various pastas, pizzas and other classic Italian main dishes, served alongside a cold antipasti buffet. The cornucopia of meats and cheeses bring the best of Italian cuisine to the beautiful island, and into the heart of the Azia Resort and Spa. The chefs work with traditional flavours to ensure that every mouthful from the first to the last is packed full of Italian goodness. During the cold buffet and main course, the restaurant boasts an exemplary selection of wines to perfectly compliment each increasinglydelicious mouthful. With subtle hints of berries and flavours grown in Italy and across the world, the wines are just some of the drinks that the restaurant can offer, each carefully selected to pair with a meal like no other drink can. Once the main course has been suitably enjoyed in all of its flavourful splendour, the desserts on offer at Cipro represent the perfect end to a perfect night. Classics adorn the menu, plucked straight from the heart of Italian cuisine, but the chefs work their magic to ensure that every dish is just as uniquely brilliant as the restaurant and resort itself. Sumptuous in every sense of the word, Cipro Restaurant is one of the crowning jewels in Azia Resort and Spa’s extensive collection of world-class diamonds. Standing out as a beacon of excellence for other Cypriote resorts to follow, this exceptional haven offers a high-quality escape from life, with heart-warming Italian food that is sure to satisfy any stomach. Company: Cipro Restaurant – Azia Resort & Spa Contact: Nikoletta Georgiou Website: