Winter 2019

61 Oct19114 Sophisticated Simplicity There are two things that separate mediocre interior designers from the truly spectacular - an undeniable attention to detail and an innate sense of sophistication in how a space is drawn together. A cut above even the most inspiring interior designers is Helena Clunies-Ross, whose work goes above and beyond in delivering some of the world’s most high-end residential and hospitality designs. Based internationally across New York and London, Helena Clunies-Ross Design is a design studio of the highest quality. With an unmatched eye for detail and the ability to create spaces that exude a unique blend of simplicity and sophistication, Helena specialises in creating exceptional spaces for residential and hospitality clients worldwide. Helena’s design journey began almost twenty years ago with a degree in Fine Art and Art History, but it was at Chelsea College of Art and Design that her love of art became intertwined with a refined passion for architecture and interiors. Drawing on more than a decade of experience within the design industry, Helena not only has an abundance of technical know-how, but injects her innate sense of spatial awareness into creating spaces that work both functionally and aesthetically, with a huge emphasis on lighting. “Lighting is the most important part of any project”, Helena says, “it is essential to create an ambience but should be effortless in its application. Without the use of good lighting, a space will never come alive.” In 2014 Helena was appointed Design Director of Anouska Hempel Design, with whom she has worked alongside world-renowned hoteliers and operators. Since founding her own firm just last year, Helena has continued to cultivate a reputation for delivering luxurious projects worldwide including New York’s West Village, The Hamptons, France’s Dordogne region and central London. Each of her current five projects are designed to work in conjunction and harmony with all that the surrounding areas have to offer - a scope that lends itself perfectly to Helena’s keen understanding of how to make a space work - whether it’s taking full advantage of a southern exposure or opening up a room to create uninterrupted views across a landscape, or framing a view from the front door through the property and beyond. Helena insists on the importance of creating, “focal points - sometimes its a beautiful object illuminated by a warm glow within a niche, and at other times it’s guiding one’s eye through the space to a fireplace at the back of the garden. 'Layered simplicity is how I would describe my style”, Helena says. “I use a lot of natural materials which sit against a simple backdrop, and with the use of screens, furniture and lighting, I am able to give the property weight and character.” To focus on just one of Helena’s projects, her work in the West Village of New York truly showcases this ability to deliver stylish and sophisticated spaces that exude unmistakable class. Developed as a luxurious home for a single family, this renovated Greek Revival property includes an elevator, health spa with steam sauna, movie theatre and rear garden with south-facing terrace. “Scale doesn’t faze me”, says Helena; “the larger the project, the bigger the imagination and possibility.” Having already worked with some of the most prestigious developers in the industry, Helena has wasted no time at all in establishing herself as a key player in the international design market. With her passion and drive to craft classic spaces, and with her own collection of bespoke lighting and furniture due to be launched next year, Helena is quickly becoming one of the industry’s most luxurious and prestigious partners for any project, from initial concept right through to completion. Helena will no doubt be a major force within design and architecture industries for years to come. Company: Helena Clunies-Ross Design Contact: [email protected] Website: Instagram: @helenacluniesross