Winter 2019

65 Excelling Through Creativity and Functionality Believing that “a good design is a design that not only achieves a desired effect but also shapes the expectation of what the experience can be”, party/space/design are a distinctive design consultancy, full of creativity and functionality. Find out why they are one of 2018’s leading designers in our profile of the company. A good design consultant will understand the clients needs, before going on to answer those needs with creativity and functionality whilst adhering to limitations of scale, price and space. p/s/d accomplish all of this whilst maintaining high quality throughout all the work produced. Since their inception in 2012, the firm have become a cross disciplinary design consultancy with a wide variety of skills to offer clients. Operating out of Bangkok, Thailand, p/s/d offer a range of services for clients including interior design, exhibition, product design, graphic design, branding and corporate identity amongst others. Despite this extensive back catalogue of skills and abilities, the company also specialise in restaurant and retail interiors using experiential design. The design firm consistently put out exquisite work, complimenting style, form and shape together to create exciting spaces for their clients. Drawing on experience gathered from across the world, the team at p/s/d expertly use a variety of styles, colours and forms within their work to suit their clients needs. Deeply understanding the brand, space and clients’ insight of any project, this design firm integrate their wealth of experience with the necessary knowledge to create truly innovative and exciting spaces. "Ultimately, we try and experience what our clients need out of the project. We spend time in restaurants to understand what our clients need from their restaurants. We spend time in cafes to understand how people move around the space, and what they need in terms of functionality.” - Aue-Karn Laosatirawong, Project Manager and Architect However, what makes this design firm so special, is their ability to work across a variety of business and corporate industries across Bangkok and beyond. Indeed, they are currently undergoing projects in Kuwait, China, the USA and Cambodia. Not only are the team at p/s/d using experiential design to create new and exciting spaces throughout Bangkok, but they are also actively participating in city-wide events whilst promoting being environmentally conscious. Their design for Bangkok Design Week 2019 encouraged people to consider a new lifecycle for plastic products. Through DIY activities, participants were invited to learn about the recycling of plastic and when it comes to be demolished, the plastics used in creating the structure will be transformed into other products for further use. The reasons behind p/s/d’s phenomenal success are clear to see. Their work consistently fulfils their promise of overcoming limitations to deliver distinctive and memorable designs that are full of creativity and functionality. Working across a variety of business and corporate industries whilst promoting being environmentally friendly make this design firm a fantastic company to work with. Company: party/space/design Contact: Clean Aue-Karn Laosatirawong Website: 1809LU04