Winter 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 7 Winter 2019 Expertly blending chic styles and unexpected twists, Mar Silver is a masterful interior designer creating highend, luxury modern homes for clients across the world. Tapping into the organic energy of spaces, Silver draws together all aspects of her practice including interior design, furniture, textiles, rug collections and art to create luxurious areas that are sophisticated and sleek. Operating out of the state of Connecticut, Mar Silver has spent years establishing and developing a global interior design firm that offers her client high-end luxury spaces that evoke a sense of tranquillity and serenity. Blending shades of black, grey, and silver to create effortlessly elegant and stylish homes, Silver expertly invokes her namesake in projects that have ranged from America to Paris, to Spain and beyond. Mar Silver also works architecturally, often working front-to-back and floor-to-ceiling on her projects for clients. Dropping ceilings can generate cosier feelings of warmth and luxury for residents, simplifying the interior architecture and giving the whole property a warmer feel. Where the majority of interior designers would select stark white for a contemporary style, this interior designer instead chooses her signature grey, complementing it with tones and woodwork to create a beautiful finished look. Sensual and luxurious are hardly the words that come to mind when one thinks of suburban colonial home with a young family living in. However, in the hands of Mar Silver, projects such as that have become deluxe, minimalist havens of style and superiority. With sleek surfaces and smooth finishes of black and grey, this interior designer effortlessly creates dream homes for her clients. Mixing with the serene palette of shades, Silver also incorporates an international variety of timeless aspects to her work. Whether it is etched Italian glass lamps, mid-century wooden Danish chairs, or contemporary French artwork, this international interior designer brings together in a way that nothing feels forced or conflicting. The stylistic choices of furniture complement each other throughout each property, drawing attention to the truly showstopping features. At the core of Mar Silver’s global successes is an uncompromising integrity on her own distinct style. Drawing together a luxurious blend of contemporary grey, silver and black with international elements, this interior designer has managed to create dream homes for clients across the globe that radiate sophistication, serenity and sensuality.