Winter 2019

92 Nov18915 Beautiful Baby Accessories Boast Brilliance The recognised dream of owner Emily Sunderland, Nibbling Jewellery Ltd. is a London-based company aimed at offering the best and safest teething products for babies. Made from BPA-free silicone and natural wood, all the products are safe and soft enough for babies to chew on to their heart’s content. See why they are one of the best baby teething product retailers in the south east of England. For new parents, ensuring a baby’s safety is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to putting things in mouths. Nibbling is a London-based company dedicated to creating beautiful and stylish jewellery to help babies during teething periods. With a collection of playful, versatile and colourful designs, safety and fashion are married in these ideal baby products. Owned by Canadian-born entrepreneur and fashion designer Emily Sunderland, Nibbling is the realisation of a dream and passion to create safe, yet stylish teething jewellery for babies. Having studied fine arts and worked a stint in the fashion world as a designer and merchandiser, Sunderland turned her attention and energy towards her true passion; jewellery and children. Made by mums for mums, this fashion company doesn’t just cater to children, but it also offers jewellery for busy parents. To ensure the same high levels of safety throughout all their products, everything available at Nibbling is made BPA-free using non-toxic silicone, soft enough to relieve teething pain. For added relief of sore gums, toys come with a smooth front side and textured back. The medical silicone that is used is robust, able to be used at bath times, beach visits, thrown into the dishwasher, or cleaned in a steriliser. For the best results, the company suggest jewellery be placed in a freezer for extra relief from teething. With more than fifteen colours available and a wide variety of eyecatching shapes, there is sure to be something for every child. If not for the children, parents can also choose from a selection of silicone and wooden beaded teething jewellery that can be worn as necklaces. Offering a teething toy to a little one whilst nursing or sitting on a lap can make those special moments between parent and child even more so. Priding themselves on being able to deliver beautiful teething jewellery, Nibbling can also offer a personalisation service. Available on dummy clips and teething rattles, clients are able to add a name to a variety of products with different colours. Made using medical grade, BPA-free silicone and beech wood, this exquisite, bespoke touch is the perfect gift for a new born baby. Ultimately, the love, care, attention and passion of the team at Nibbling are what have made them a success. The jewellery offered by this company is beyond fashionable; it’s functional and tactile, perfect for babies understanding their senses and keen to explore the world around them. Catering for the most vulnerable in society, these paediatricianapproved teething toys are the perfect way to keep a child safe whilst letting them chew to their hearts content. Contact: Emily Sunderland Website: