Winter 2019

South African Transportation Firm Deliver Success Whether moving home or business across South Africa, peace of mind that the transported goods are in safe hands is paramount. Selsaac Movers are a careful, efficient and diligent transportation company dedicating to ensuring every move is as smooth as the last. Find out why they are one of South Africa’s best domestic road transportation companies. Whilst moving can be a burdensome task, one South African transportation firm can make any transition smooth, speedy and superb. Since it’s inception in 2009 by founder Selby Mabaso, Selsaac Movers have delivered quality service to many customers, moving with efficiency and care across the entirety of the country. Guaranteeing trustworthiness and efficiency, booking transport with Selsaac Movers comes with a team of highly competent and professional staff. All trained and understanding how best to handle valuable goods, the staff are on hand to ensure that every step of the client’s journey delivers on the promise of peace of mind. As part of the service, the team also offers free blankets for delicate items to ensure that nothing is damaged during the transportation process. Moving from one place to another can prove to be timeconsuming task, which is why Selsaac Movers’ quality assurance promise to their customers is that they will keep appointment times. Allowing clients to carry on with unpacking and other various important aspects of their lives, this transportation company strive to deliver minimal fuss and maximum efficiency in their high-quality service. Establishing long-lasting relationships with customers, the team at Selsaac Movers consistently deliver on their promise to transport business and individual clients alike anywhere in the country without breaking the bank. Also supplying boxes, bubble-wrap, storage facilities and packing if needed, this transportation company consistently go above and beyond to ensure their clients a stress-free moving experience. Partnering with a panel of passionate companies involved in transportation, Selsaac Movers are also able to outsource jobs, storage facilities and vehicles. Working in the local community with a variety of partners, the firm align themselves with not just the client, but also other companies, encouraging local collaboration to ensure the maximum benefit for all parties involved. Committed to delivering the best customer service in the transportation industry, this South African business have paved the way to success. Retaining previous clients and gathering new ones from across the country through highquality care, diligent efficiency and prompt delivery times, Selsaac Movers guarantee the necessary peace of mind for any client, wherever the destination. Contact: Selby Mabaso Website: WR180112