Winter 2019

96 Pioneer of Live Communication Celebrating forty years of extraordinary success, HAGEN INVENT is considered one of the strongest agencies of its type. Constantly innovating and adapting to the needs of the client, and the needs of the day, we take a closer look at what HAGEN INVENT are all about. Agency founder Werner Hagen gathered all three of his employees together when HAGEN INVENT opened in 1979. They huddled in a small office in the centre of Dusseldorf and went to work. Now, a tightlyknit team of more than 20 consultants run a much larger office, each responsible for the wide range of events that HAGEN INVENT now offer. From a five-week road trip across the United States to launch the new BMW X7 to high-profile incentive projects run in places from San Francisco and South Africa to the exclusively chartered cruise ship MS Europa in the western Mediterranean, there really is no limit to the ways in which HAGEN INVENT will try to create an unforgettable, money-can’tbuy, once in a lifetime experience. With their knowledgeable staff, many of whom have over 15 years of experience in the industry, HAGEN INVENT gain a lot of their success by working out precisely what the expectations of their clients are, and then trying to exceed them. The staff of HAGEN INVENT are driven by a passion for live communication, the freedom to express it as they see fit and top-quality service. This is done by investigating a client’s needs, preferences and desires, and matching them with their communication goals. It’s essential to provide as individual and bespoke a service as possible. This isn’t limited to the bigger picture – though one of the core characteristics of the team has been its strategic and creative consulting – with HAGEN INVENT going far beyond mere logistics and operations. They offer a complete package to clients, operating a one-stop-shop for those wanting to run events or incentives. By maintaining strong communication and the most service-oriented contractors, nothing is left to chance for your special event. HAGEN INVENT aim for perfection every time. Oct19263 Since HAGEN INVENT’s founding, the agency found its success running highly personalised incentives and individually designed events that hit the heart of the brand, and this is still true today. Recently, the launch of the new Mini Clubman has been under their control, showcasing 60 years of the brand, with a history walk that included the John Cooper Works, Mini Electric and Mini Clubman ending with the new Mini F45 LCI. Active driving experiences rounded off the Mini experience, thrilling 200 journalists over 14 days. HAGEN INVENT’s use of driving experiences reflects the way in which hospitality has changed over the years, and how they have adapted to match. Driving a Mini is something that will connect with the audience beyond the length of the event. While the emphasis on treating guests like VIPs has not gone away, every one of HAGEN INVENT’s events is designed to ensure that every guest feels like they are seen for who they are. In recent years, there has been a steady shift away from large events in favour of more personalised events, individualised services and intense experiences. Far from being able to sell a company or brand with superlatives, it has become essential to offer an experience that suggests meaning and beauty, that talks about what it means to be human. If this is the direction the hospitality is heading in, then HAGEN INVENT is typically ahead of the curve. Offering experiences that will last a lifetime, it’s no wonder that they have kept their position at the top of the hospitality market. Contact: Catherine Hoffmann Website: