Winter 2020

10 The Kids Are Alright For Glebe Kids Nursery and Play Centre, the addition of their award at the Parent and Baby Awards 2020 to their growing list of accolades and recognition is testament to the outstanding work they are doing to support children as they develop physically and emotionally. Giving children aged two to five the best possible introduction to the big wide world, Glebe Kids offers a values-driven but fun experience that nurtures children to become strong individuals. The nursery’s commitment to supporting children with SEND and their families has also gained nationwide recognition, as they carry out valuable work to increase the opportunities available to vulnerable or disadvantaged children. Multi-award-winning nursery and play centre, Glebe Kids, is dedicated to giving children aged two to five the best start to education, encouraging positive values and inquisitiveness in every child in a fun, caring and loving environment. Through a mixture of routine, lots of free play, exploring new and exciting topics, games and physical activity, music and dance, arts and crafts and group activities, Glebe Kids gives children the chance to develop into socially confident, enthusiastic and most importantly, happy learners as they begin their first steps into the big wide world. This year, Glebe Kids has been recognised at the Parent and Baby Awards as the Most Supportive Childcare Setting 2020, in recognition of the positive outcomes the centre creates for children, and in particular for children with Special Educational Needs and their families. Neither a disability, educational need, nor any behavioural or development challenge should get in the way of a child enjoying a fulfilling life, and children with SEND should never be defined by their disability. Like all children, they have the right to be encouraged to achieve their full potential and Glebe Kids has become nationally renowned for its SEND expertise and commitment to inclusion and diversity, ensuring that their exceptional support is given equally to every child, regardless of whether they have SEND or not. This also applies to disadvantaged and vulnerable children and their families, as part of Glebe Kids’ ongoing contribution to the closing the gap agenda, a government initiative towards social mobility that allows children to have equal opportunities in education, regardless of their backgrounds. By welcoming all children, celebrating their individuality and equipping them with the tools and values to succeed, Glebe Kids is levelling the playing field for children so that each child gets the best possible start in education. Aug20211 It is thanks to its incredible team of teachers that Glebe Kids has been able to successfully pursue these aspirations. This is not just a childcare service; Glebe Kids offers a team of highly trained experts in their respective fields, who are qualified to provide unparalleled support to children and their families. For the children with SEND or disabilities in their care, the team at Glebe Kids is able to draw on decades of combined experience and industry knowledge to support families towards the best possible outcomes, contributing to a positive long-term impact for both the children and their families. Fundamentally, every member of the Glebe Kids team understands that the children and their needs and safety are at the centre of everything they do. They therefore aim to empower their children through play, encouraging them to make their own choices, find solutions and develop in their own unique way. In an environment that is safe, most importantly at the moment through the implementation of strict Covid-19 measures, Glebe Kids is able to see children grow their confidence, being given the opportunities to learn and explore the wider world, and being taught how to be kind and inclusive to one another. The results are outcomes for children that far exceed both local and national standards, creating children that are strong, independent and confident in being themselves, ready to face primary school and the whole new and exciting world. Glebe Kids is nurturing the next generation and their hard work will undoubtedly see them leading us into a bright and positive future. Contact: Kent Atkinson Company: Glebe Kids Web Address: