Winter 2020

11 Sep20815 From Sweden to Dubai When Elli Kasbi made the move from Sweden to Dubai with her two infant children, she soon recognised that there was a rather substantial gap in the UAE market for premium children and baby products that were beautifully and sustainably designed. With children’s welfare and eco-awareness at its heart, Elli Junior was therefore established, bringing together exclusive products from some of Elli’s favourite Scandinavian brands and distributing them to parents across UAE. Today, Elli Junior sells a vast selection of products, including their own collection, in twenty stores across UAE and on their online store and Instagram ellijuniorgcc. Elli Junior is the UAE-based retailer of premium children and baby products that are sustainably produced and beautifully crafted with a touch of Scandinavian design. Offering a complete selection of toys, interior and customised furniture, cutlery and crockery and any other accessories baby may need, Elli Junior has filled a substantial gap in the UAE market. Founder and owner, Elli Kasbi first recognised this gap when she made the move from Sweden to Dubai with her two young children, one a baby and the other a toddler. After scouring the marketplace, she soon realised that she could not find anything like the beautiful and sustainably crafted Scandinavian products that she had come to know and love. Elli got in contact with some of her favourite Swedish brands and soon obtained exclusivity for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), deciding to answer the growing demand for products such as these across the UAE. Despite starting out with minimal knowledge or experience of the market, within three years, Elli Junior was selling high-quality products from a comprehensive array of European designers across the UAE. In January 2020, Elli Junior used the industry knowledge it had garnered to launch its own collection of organic baby towels, double-sided bedsheets, playmats, blankets, with many more products still in the works. Second only to sustainability for Elli Junior is customer service, as without their loyal clientele, it would not have been possible to expand as quickly and effectively as the company has done so far. Responding to and resolving any issues as quickly as possible, providing the only free gift-wrapping service in the UAE and priding themselves on the best and fastest delivery options, Elli Junior also boasts affordable prices that make the retailer a firm favourite for parents across UAE. As part of Elli Junior’s commitment to helping parents ‘make life more beautiful for children’, the affordability of the retailer’s selection of products means this ambition is in reach for every family. Elli and her team regularly communicate with customers to find out what they are looking for from Elli Junior and as a result, have turned the company into much more than a distributor, playing an integral role in their customers’ journey as parents and providing an environment in which guidance and advice can be shared. This would not be possible for Elli Junior without its dedicated team who work tirelessly in the retailer’s many branches. Recruited for their passion, drive and devotion to eco-awareness and social responsibility, every member of the Elli Junior team is invested in the company, helping Elli to grow her dream as if it were a baby that they all responsible for nurturing and growing. The results of this approach are clear to see. Alongside the launch of its own collection, Elli Junior opened its flagship store in the iconic Dubai mall, Galeries Lafayette, welcoming more customers in to experience the Elli Junior shopping experience. Unfortunately, in-person shopping has of course taken a hit in recent months, due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, but thanks to careful investment in an ecommerce platform prior to the outbreak, Elli Junior has been able to continue operating at full speed, even seeing an increase in business activity as a result. This continued success has meant that Elli is able to look to what the future holds for her growing enterprise. The opening of the Galeries Lafayette store marks an exciting new stage of development for the retailer that was little more than an idea only three years ago. With many more exciting products always arriving instore and online that are perfect for both gifting or fulfilling your own baby needs, there is no doubt that we can expect to see even more growth from Elli Junior, although with an unwavering dedication to sustainability and helping parents provide a beautiful life for their little ones. Contact: Elli Kasbi Company: Elli Junior Web Address: