Winter 2020

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 5 Senses Captivated By Perfection Atomos originates from Abruzzo, one of the most blessed and fertile regions of Italy. Derived from 100% pure variety, up to 65 years of age, Atomos is the first wine in the world to be entirely manually-destemmed. It provides an exceptional palette of flavors and due to its acidity and tannins, it is meant to last over 30 years. Berries are meticulously selected, one by one, undivided, creating a stunning “multidirectional” flavor. Every Atomos wine bottle is stored at 15° C and ideal humidity in order to achieve absolute preservation. Rigorously to be appreciated as a standout wine, with no pairing at all. Offered in a lavish, entirely- handsewn pouch made of Alcantara textile in order to preserve its qualities. Atomos Wine Limited Edition. Each single drop, an extremely rare experience. Produced from vines planted at the feet of Apennines, higher above sea level. It provides an exquisite palette of flavors, ages into one of the oldest caves of the region and it is submersed in a tank of wood chips derived from the trees cut before planting the vine: this is why temperature and humidity are always stable. Bears the Atomos logo made of gold 18 carats (available in white, green, pink color). Accompanied by a Certificate of Exclusivity, Atomos wine Limited Edition creates an extremely rare experience, while being a sought-after investment, as it is strictly limited to nine bottles.