Winter 2020

6 Brushing Past Hair-Raising Lockdown on to Success Girl Meets Brush was founded in 2015 by make-up artist Lynne Mills, and began life as a make-up brush brand where the focus was on providing high quality tools for professional make-up artists and those starting out in the industry. However, fast forward five years, and Girl Meets Brush has become a staple for the everyday woman in need of a professional tool that can help them achieve the perfect make-up day, every single day. The last five years may have been the beginning for Girl Meets Brush, but the journey for Lynne to get to this point has been ten years longer. Starting out in the industry in 2005, Lynne herself admits that things were very different back then. Opportunity was very limited to specific areas, but thanks to the online world and social media, more opportunities are opening up for make-up artists everywhere, and the industry has become much more accessible to everyone. Lynne will be the first to tell anyone that with Jul20163 Jade Crawley - @jdccreations Paulette Elliott - @paulette_veronica_art