Winter 2020

9 Oct20060 Sleep Tight Experts recommend that we get seven to nine hours of sleep every night, however, most adults tend to get less than seven hours. At first, the impact of that lack of sleep may not seem obvious, but over time it can have a significant effect on our health and wellbeing. We focus a lot on healthy eating and exercise, but sleep is just as important to our overall health. Sam Sadighi is a sleep consultant and founder of Easy Sleep Solutions; her mission is to help adults and children achieve the good night’s sleep that is so vital to their health. Established by trained sleep consultant, Sam Sadighi, Easy Sleep Solutions takes a holistic approach to resolving adults’ and children’s problems with sleep. By looking at other contributing factors and their lifestyles, Sam will work with the client, for up to four weeks, to resolve their sleep issues. Many people are surprised that there is such a thing as a sleep consultant, believing that disrupted sleep is the norm in modern life. However, it shouldn’t be. A good night’s sleep can improve your health, wellbeing, productivity, relationships, attitude and so much more and Sam is passionate about helping clients achieve this. Operating with three principal values of communication, autonomy, and passion, Sam is able to ensure that her clients are happy with the progress they are making on their journey to better sleep, making sure they feel heard and being there for them whenever they need her. Her aim is to provide her clients with the tools and support they need to empower themselves to make the necessary changes in their lives. The objective when working with clients is entirely set by them, not Sam, with no preconceived ideas of what ‘good’ sleep looks like for them. From there, Sam and her clients can work closely together to achieve this established goal. Similar to a personal trainer, Sam requires investment and cooperation on the parts of her clients, who must see which elements of their current lifestyle are having detrimental impacts on their sleep and accordingly adjust. Sam has experienced her fair share of dealing with poor sleepers in her personal life. Being married to a former insomniac for seven years as well as suffering bouts of sleeplessness herself at various times combined with having a daughter who really struggled with sleeping in her first few years, taught Sam a lot about the impact of sleep deprivation on the entire family. These difficulties peaked when Sam was completing her studies in psychology as a mature student at the Open University, leaving her exhausted and often dependent on coffee. Sam’s own struggles have given her real empathy for her clients who are suffering similarly and looking to restore some calm to their lives. Upon completion of her psychology degree, Sam startedher training with the world-renowned paediatric sleep specialist, Dana Obleman, learning about her techniques to help families who have children with sleep difficulties. It was during this period that Sam soon realised that many adults had sleep problems of their own. It was therefore a natural progression for Sam to advance her training to encompass adult sleep, which included learning about Cognitive Behaviourial Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi) techniques for adults and older children. Sam uses second-generation CBTi as a bespoke treatment that is tailored to every client and can take anywhere from a couple of sessions to a few weeks. CBTi is The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence chosen treatment for insomnia and has a long track record of success. Based in Richmond, London, Sam is able to help clients all across the world, thanks to the medium of online video conferencing. This has always been an available method of consultation for Easy Sleep Solutions, but it has become almost essential since the Covid-19 outbreak. Indeed, the pandemic has increased people’s awareness about their health and sleep difficulties. Sam is able to help anyone, of any age, anywhere in the world achieve a better night’s sleep, as well as offer online workshops for community groups, parents, or corporations. As she balances her globe-spanning enterprise, furthers her studies, and raises two children, it is undoubtedly an exciting, although perhaps at times rather hectic, period of growth for Sam and Easy Sleep Solutions. We are fairly certain, however, that she won’t be losing any sleep over it! Contact: Sam Sadighi Company: Easy Sleep Solutions Web Address: