Winter 2021

19 Sep21757 A Local and International Spa Favourite The Spa by Hotel 2 Février has made itself ‘2021's Most Outstanding Luxury Spa Experience’ in the region of Togo. An outstanding spa hotel, and the only 5-star hotel in the area, this establishment has made a name for itself by serving all manner of local and international guests, including celebrities and high-net-worth individuals. By offering each of its guests a comprehensive, relaxing, and luxury experience, everyone who walks through its door enters an environment of welcome and warmth, and leaves pampered and invigorated. In essence, The Spa by Hotel 2 Février is a multiple-times award-winning hotel and spa in Togo that opened in June of 2018. Despite its inception being relatively recent, it has already secured its position as a jewel in the crown of the local hospitality industry, offering guests a wide range of services from massages to facials, and waxing to manicure and pedicure sessions, each offered by a foremost expert beautician. Fundamentally, this hotel has curated a long list of clients who are return customers and happy guests thanks to its dedication to their happiness and satisfaction, serving clients from all over the world including VIPs and celebrities due to its status as the only 5-star hotel in the region. Furthermore, it is also a haven of rest for local people, each of whom it would like to extend its thanks to. It is due to their support that Hotel 2 Février was able to withstand the tumult of the pandemic even with the lockdowns and border closures, and it is committed to repaying them for this trust and patronage with exemplary customer service and a true dedication to making their stay exceptional. Essentially, it loves the work it does. In this manner, every staff member within its ranks keeps the customer’s happiness and satisfaction at the forefront of their mind. From greeting the guest to offering the experience of their various luxury pampering treatments, the staff at the Hotel 2 Février are the crucial element that make this hotel the outstanding establishment that it is today. Moreover, the team are continuously dedicated to improving and growing further, taking on board customer insights and commentary in order to continually grow and improve as brand ambassadors and professionals in the hospitality industry. Due to these factors, when looking for new staff, Hotel 2 Février focuses on good communication skills, marketing technique, technical treatment skill, and teamwork acumen. Each of these skills is something that makes up the core of the Hotel 2 Février’s outstanding staff retinue, and thus its internal culture is one of contribution, mutual success, trust, and common vision; coming together in this way to provide its clients with continually better products and services has ensured it has withstood the tumult of the past 18 months. Furthermore, retaining its place as a favourite venue amongst locals and international guests alike, Hotel 2 Février is excited to once again be able to welcome all of its customers old and new back through its doors. With Covid-19 having changed the status quo and previous paradigms of the hospitality industry so drastically, Hotel 2 Février promises that it will do whatever it takes to remain ahead of the curve, reassuring guests that they can expect the usual excellence, with updated regulations and procedures in place to ensure their safety. Company: The Spa by Hotel 2 Février Email: [email protected] Website: