Winter 2021

20 Sep21727 Most Progressive Indian Cuisine Restaurant - Doha Inviting guests to reserve a table and partake in a culinary exploration of India, Dalchini Restaurant & Bar offers a diverse and delicious selection that draws inspiration from all over the country. With exemplary events and promotions currently ongoing such as its business lunch, cinnamon hour, and sip o’ clock, it invites locals and tourists alike to indulge themselves in a meal where the food will satisfy and their every need will be seen to by a staff who keep their happiness at the forefront of their minds. Dalchini Restaurant & Bar draws on the diverse nature of India’s various cuisines and culinary cultures in order to create a progressive, diverse, and delicious menu that promises to wow guests every time. Fundamentally, it truly does have something for everyone, and takes great pride in how its expert team of chefs is able to incorporate all manner of culinary delights into innovative dishes that can offer a taste of home or a taste of something that a client has never enjoyed before. In promoting this kind of culinary exploration, it brings to light dishes and flavours that perhaps don’t get as much spotlight, thusly making itself a crucial stop for any traveller interested in the culinary arts of the regions they visit. A favourite amongst locals and tourists alike, Dalchini Restaurant & Bar has an intrinsically modern atmosphere. Moreover, having cultivated this carefully to ensure that it remembers its roots in celebrating Indian culture whilst also catering to a modern and contemporary diner’s needs, it is able to merge both tradition and modern amenities flawlessly to create an exemplary dining experience. Offering both vegetarian and meat-based dishes through it’s a la carte menu, it is located on the ground floor to allow easy access for all manner of clientele, and a client is welcomed into a beautiful and breath- taking environment right from the moment they step through the doors. Essentially, it puts its best foot forward in this way. Greeted by friendly, helpful, and professional staff that show guests to their reserved table, they ensure that the client’s satisfaction and happiness is always at the forefront of their concerns, always ready to help resolve any comments, queries, or concerns. Thusly, its staff have become the jewel in Dalchini Restaurant & Bar’s crown. Each of them knows the menu and offerings like the backs of their hands, and each table setting in the restaurant allows a customer to dine in a soothing environment of hues of green, vivid colour, and dimmed lighting that picks out the most beautiful and subtle features of the venue. Helmed by foremost mind in his industry Alfred Prasad, the restaurant benefits from his years of experience in the hospitality and restauranteur business. Furthermore, he has overseen four restaurants in the Tamarind Collection in the past, and each of these has taught him something new that he has been able to bring to the opening of Dalchini Restaurant & Bar in order to make it an overnight sensation and a favourite in its region. He is also an expert in hiring the right people for the right job, and has in the past overseen the operations of the Michelin starred Tamarind Restaurant in London’s Mayfair, showing its clientele his staunch dedication to the foremost standards of excellence. Company: Dalchini Restaurant & Bar Contact: Jittranuch Mingkwan Website: