Winter 2021

21 Sep21575 Best Organic Gourmet Pet Treats - San Francisco For sweets or meats that will really treat your pet to a life of luxury, there’s something for everyone at Paw Patch Pastries & Pet Boutique. With a large variety of organic treats and fine flavours on offer, we take a look at its tasty creations as it wins Best Organic Gourmet Pet Treats - San Francisco at this year’s LUXlife Hospitality Awards. Paw Patch Pastries & Pet Boutique is a healthy, luxury treat company that provides pets with the best pastries and cakes. Whether you just want to treat your pet to something sweet or celebrate a very special occasion, there’s an astonishing artistic creation for all moments imaginable. As themed cakes are a speciality of Paw Patch, there is a divine design for every piece. From birthdays to Christmas, Thanksgiving to Halloween, and every occasion in between, Paw Patch has something for every pet pal. With a strong 11 years in the business, Paw Patch Pastries continues to generate intricate designs and sumptuous snacks for both dogs and cats. With an indulgent menu that spans from sweet to savoury, across many different types of treats and meats, Paw Patch has something for every palette. From peanut butter, apple, berries, and pumpkin, to tuna, beef, chicken, cheese, lamb, and bacon, Paw Patch has a favourite flavour for all fussy felines and picky pups (as well as those who simply love any taste)! Yet the Paw Patch team goes far beyond selling its products. Hosting events such as Halloween celebrations, Paw Patch has provided wine, beer, and BBQs for its customers to enjoy as they discover new products for their pets. These events offer a chance for people and pets alike to mix and mingle. With great music, food, and company, Paw Patch Pastries offers a peaceful yet fun party environment where pet owners can let their hair down whilst the dogs get groomed and photographed. Selling other accessories such as leads, wipes, blankets, plush toys, beds, and party hats, there’s a gift for all pets that can be both practical and exciting at the same time. Its luxury pet spray shampoos also keep dogs and cats nice and clean for all occasions, so that they can feel and look their best at all times. In addition to the lavish selection of cakes and pastries, Paw Patch Pastries sells dog champagne and cat wine so that you can truly spoil your pets and celebrate in style together. Its various broths are also available to enhance the flavour and aroma of food so that pets can enjoy their dry or freeze-dried food. The broths also encourage the increase of liquid intake for dogs and cats, which is essential for their overall health and wellbeing. The only downside to Paw Patch is deciding which treat to choose, as there’s such a wide variety of delicious organic treats for your furry family and friends! Contact: Carla Ocfemia Company: Paw Patch Pastries & Pet Boutique Web Address: