Winter 2021

24 Sep21561 Sophie Attwood Communications Ltd represents the trailblazers within the health and wellness, beauty and medical aesthetics industries, from the leading cosmetic surgeons, cosmetic doctors, hair restoration surgeons and psychologists, to the award-winning skincare brands and body sculptors. Utilising its curated portfolio of exceptional brands, the company develops creative strategies that boost client communication strategies to the next level, for which it has earned the title of 2021’s Best Specialist PR Consultancy – UK in this issue of LUXlife. Founded in 2015 and led by PR guru, Sophie Attwood, Sophie Attwood Communications Ltd delivers outstanding results for clients by working with some of the industry’s greatest brands, including ITV, Elle, BBC, Vanity Fair, GQ, Harper Bazaar, and more. Not only is Sophie extremely knowledgeable and passionate about PR, but this expertise and love also extends to the aesthetics industry. She said, “I just can’t imagine that another PR consultancy could care more about the industries in which we specialise more than we do.” From the moment that Sophie Attwood Communications begins working with a client, its PR team will become part of theirs. Their brand ethos, their values, and even their syntax become second nature. Whether working with global manufacturers, research projects or health professionals, Sophie Attwood Communications’ team of PR experts and former journalists work collaboratively to deliver tailored solutions that meet the client’s objectives. Drawing upon its valuable relationships at major publications, exciting publication teams and influential media outlets and magazines, Sophie Attwood Communications will work to achieve the coverage its clients’ brands deserve. Sophie said, “Our friends in the media will soon become your friends too, and together, we’ll put your message or profile firmly in the spotlight.” From experience of working with Sophie Attwood Communications, K. Storry, producer of ITV Daytime said, “Sophie Attwood Communications are an absolute dream to work with. They provide really amazing, tailored ideas for content, helpful and informative press releases. they are always on hand for press enquiries and have the most impressive little black book of clients at her disposal. I’d want her doing my PR.” Aside from PR, Sophie Attwood Communications offers services in collaborating with influencers, videography, social media, and branding. The company has a wealth of A-list celebrity, VIP, and influencer contacts which can be made the most of in terms of a wider promotion strategy. In this digital age, influencer marketing can play a huge part within a PR strategy and getting a company’s brand out there. Sophie Attwood Communications has a proven record for delivering powerful marketing campaigns in partnership with influencers which always pack the biggest punch. Sophie Attwood Communications has also been leveraging brands through the power of film for six years and counting, working with global manufacturers, medical aesthetics clinics and skincare brands to create beautiful photography and expertly-produced, award-winning videography which stands out and captivates audiences across digital channels. Alongside this, the company’s social media strategist can deliver social media campaigns with style which cut through the noise, and drive increased engagement, brand awareness and sales to the client’s site. Social media is a highly effective way for brands to grow and increase engagement with their audiences – it’s where potential customers spend much of their time and where they often make their decisions, so it is crucial to be present in the digital space in this way. Regarding branding, this is where Sophie Attwood Communications will tell the client’s story the way they want it to be told, making it fresh, appealing and recognisable. From brand photography to personal profiling headshots, the company will work with the client to create content that perfectly fits their values. Indeed, Sophie Attwood Communications is a breath of fresh air within the PR sector, always willing to go above and beyond for clients, acquiring exposure for them that is nothing short of exceptional, and as a result, catapulting them into the spotlight. Sophie concludes, “The Medical Aesthetics industry is a fascinating industry and one that I am not only incredibly passionate about but proud to be a part of. I have been lucky to play a part in some of its exciting developments and I implore any other PR agency to understand and care about the industry in the same way that I do.” Company: Sophie Attwood Communications Ltd Contact: Sophie Attwood Email: [email protected] Website: Beauty,Wellness and Medical Aesthetics