Winter 2021

29 Jun21778 Motivated by a passion for art, nAscent Art New York Inc founders Jennifer, and James Wallace, have realized a vision of creativity, commerce, and good karma. nAscent brings dreams to reality, working with artists, real estate developers, hospitality brands, interior designers, architects--anyone interested in adding to a legacy of art and fanning the flames. nAscent serves as a spark, air, and fuel for art by placing fine art by emerging artists in the finest places. Founded in 2007, nAscent Art New York, Inc. elevates spaces with art, curating and acquiring artwork as the essential finishing touch on award-winning properties. nAscent revels in the reaction of a person walking into a new space and seeing the unexpected, the delightful, the memorable and the life-changing effect its company promotes. nAscent works with major hotel brands, property owners (commercial and residential), and large or growing firms bringing its creative energy and extensive experience to make each client project exceed expectations. Compared to its competitors and others within the industry, nAscent is different from the rest. nAscent’s portfolio attests to its consistency, reliability, and execution across various industries, brands, and globally. James Wallace, CEO of nAscent, explains, “We are a close-knit team who share a passion for art, its clients, and for supporting one another. It’s because of this teamwork that we can accomplish more than anyone else and better. Every day, the nAscent team demonstrates the qualities of reliability, integrity, empathy, loyalty, and love for art. In addition, the broader nAscent family, including our artists, partners, and past clients, comprises a community of people who understand the impact of the right artwork in a space.” Due to the efforts of its team, nAscent operate expertly and comfortably in the parallel worlds of art, design, business, and real estate. nAscent’s team members ensure the seamless and timely completion of projects, supporting the creative vision of all the stakeholders, and respecting the artwork and artists themselves. James explains, “Our team members serve as guides and Sherpas; art project managers who attend to every detail, anticipate complications Best Global Art Consultancy - NewYork and do the heavy lifting. Then when everyone else is ready for the project to be done, we ensure that the impact of the first impression is not lost in the rush to the summit. Along the way, ever mindful of the client’s project and focus on completion, we endeavor to be, as one client put it, ‘the one meeting on the calendar we look forward to’.” Moreover, nAscent’s efficiency and processes have helped sustain the company throughout the pandemic. Thriving during the downturn in the travel industry, nAscent found itself busier than ever because of return and repeat clients interested in truly professional art consulting. nAscent’s ability to anticipate, deal effectively with global shortages of materials and communicate with artists and galleries allowed the company to deliver its projects on time and budget. “Our clients count on us a reliable, trusted advisor. We also served as supporters and advocates of artists, who have faced challenges for centuries (if not millennia),” states James. nAscent is a genuinely international art consultancy, having worked with artists and clients on worldwide projects. The company will continue thoughtful growth and serve the most discerning clients. “We will deliver the most impressive artwork that suits their projects and properties as they create flexible spaces that invite teamwork and collaboration among employees, while also fostering warmth, creativity, and productivity with guests, clients, and recruits,” states James. Company: nAscent Art New York, Inc. Name: James Wallace (CEO) Email: [email protected] Web Address: