Winter 2021

34 Sep21240 Best Eco-Friendly Baby Feeding Products - UK Weaning is a magical stage of a baby’s development, during which parents can expect their little ones to begin learning independence, coordination, and even social skills. Award-winning Bubba Bear knows all about how important this period is, and has consequently created a range of practical yet adorable tableware and bibs for ‘bubbas’. We find out more following the brand’s most recent success at the Parent and Baby Awards 2021. Bubba Bear, the award-winning online shop, knows all about the trials and tribulations of weaning. As a team of parents themselves, they’ve experienced the uncertainty, the temper tantrums, and the food fights – but also know what a joyful and exciting period in baby’s development this is too. During this stage, babies begin to develop independence, coordination, and social skills, and can be a wonderful experience shared by young families. The team at Bubba Bear believe this experience should not be impeded by anxieties around the inevitable mess of mealtimes, the concerns about plastic products and their impacts on baby’s health, or even their damaging effects on the environment. As such, the firm has created a line of tableware and bibs that are safe to use, easy to clean, sustainable, and not to mention, adorable. Made using bamboo manufacturing processes that are unlike most on the market, Bubba Bear creates its range of bamboo tableware at a factory in China which grows organic bamboo, which is then tested to pass both FDA and LFGB regulations. Bamboo is an abundant, sustainable and natural grass plant resource, which can be grown without the need for harmful pesticides or as much water. Bamboo also works to reduce CO2 emissions, rebuild eroded soils, and produces 30% more oxygen than the equivalent area of trees. The organic bamboo, complete with antibacterial properties, is used by Bubba Bear for all the essentials a parent will need to wean their baby and continue looking after them beyond this stage; from the comprehensive weaning set complete with bamboo suction plate and bibs, to stainless steel water bottles and nostalgic, paper-bag style lunch bags. The recyclable ranges also feature some beloved decorative pals in the form of bear-shaped bowls and friendly dinosaur night lights. The result is a series of products that are as fun as they are functional! The team at Bubba Bear go even further in their mission to support parents, whether they are first-timers or well-acquainted with the process of raising a child! With a series of recipes available on the Bubba Bear website that are perfect for weaning infants and an ever-expanding range of tableware, bibs and more, Bubba Bear is committed to doing its bit to help parents everywhere. It is for that reason, as well as its commitment to sustainability in its products, that have earnt Bubba Bear its most recent accolade of Best Eco-Friendly Baby Feeding Products – UK at the LUXlife Parent and Baby Awards 2021. No doubt, we can see many similar successes in the years ahead for this friendly and forward-thinking company. Company: Bubba Bear Contact: Jane Kruppa Web Address: