Winter 2021

35 Sep21203 The Backbone of London’s Elite Having secured accreditation as ‘2021's Best Luxury Lifestyle & Property Management Company’ for London, Whisper has cultivated a reputation for being able to offer the best estate management services in the business. From property management – including short and long-term staff placement – to concierge services, travel booking, and event management, this company promises that every need will be taken care of when it comes to serving its prestigious clientele. No matter the needs and requirements, Whisper makes it its sovereign duty to rise to meet them. Whisper, an exclusive and highly bespoke company offering professional concierge and estate management services, has gained renown in its industry for being ‘there for its clients. Exclusively’. Fundamentally, this company – led by an incredible CEO in Emma MacDonald – has cut its teeth on providing luxury and elite property management that has become a true leader in its industry and one of London’s finest for such things, seamlessly blending discretion and customer service with professional business acumen to cultivate something head and shoulders above the competition. With an ‘at your service’ attitude, its offices in London and Sandbanks are awaiting its clients’ calls at every second, contactable for its prestigious, high-net- worth clients in order to attend their every need. This, in essence, is all part of its dedication to being flawless when it comes to customer service. It commissions its comprehensive contacts list in order to save time for its clients, as it recognises that its clientele are very busy people, offering unbeatable abilities when it comes to negotiating the best rates. Furthermore, its consultants can assure clients that Whisper will always rise the challenge of any assignment; no matter how specific or comprehensive a client’s needs or desires, Whisper will always go above and beyond to meet them, showing them how its staff are truly the best in the business. ‘Anything is possible,’ it reassures us, and this abides by its principle of ‘the bigger the challenge, the louder we become’. In operating in this way, it has attracted a staff of ambitious and undaunted individuals who will always put the client first and make Whisper the number one estate management company, having cultivated a vast roster of return clients for whom it is their one-stop-shop. Thus, its experienced real estate agents provide an exemplary foundation for each client’s property, building a tailor-made maintenance and management solution schedule that fits seamlessly around the client’s busy life and is fundamentally incredibly adaptable. In addition, its luxury mansion concierge service makes its client’s wish Whisper’s command. Its exceptional household staff are truly of a calibre like no other, each taking on their roles with the utmost diligence, and backed up by years of experience with flawless references as to their character and work ethic. Moreover, this team of outstanding professional people is available on a permanent or short-term basis for Whisper’s clientele, offering – amongst its myriad of other things – the luxury of time, and the luxury of choice at every turn. Whisper can even handle a client’s travel bookings for them. No matter where they seek to go, a client can benefit from its dedicated travel agents who can secure them first class transport and accommodation on a reliable basis. It can also offer exemplary events and corporate hospitality as part of its stunning work, creating parties and celebrations with military precision that guests will never forget. Company: Whisper Contact: Emma Macdonald Website: