Winter 2021

41 Aug21747 Collaborative Culture With its headquarters in Dubai, Sun Multinational DMCC is a conglomerate with multiple business interests across the globe including automotive, duty-free, hospitality, mining, real estate, and more. Following on from its success in the Leaders in Luxury Awards 2021, we got in touch with managing director, Rahul Sood to find out more about one of the best luxury hotel and lodge operators for Africa. As a world-class business bringing in high value profitability for stakeholders and an optimistic influence in communities, Sun Multinational aims to harness the strength of each of its brands and operate with passionate talents and resources to drive superior shareholders returns over the long term. It is within the hospitality industry especially that competition has increased considerably over the years with customers presented with various options. In an attempt to stand out from its closest competitors, Sun Multinational focuses on providing a quality service to stay at the forefront of the industry. “Generally, we try not to follow the trends of markets and instead develop our own solutions to hold on to the customer. In the hospitality sector, we deliver much more than the customer originally asked for.” Rahul is a zealous, motivating leader boasting an extensive 19 years’ hotel experience, giving him expertise in revenue management, marketing, rebranding hotels, preopening, greenfield projects, as well as renovating existing properties. He is actively involved in overseeing investment opportunities, planning return on investment, project valuation, real estate transaction marketing, and strategic advisory services, besides hospitality-linked financial structuring and capital solutions. Sun Multinational’s hospitality brand, Sun Africa Hotels is an award- winning regional hotel company which provides unparalleled service and epic holiday experiences in Kenya’s most attractive destinations. Offering the perfect combination of bush and scenic safari, the Sun Africa Hotels experience blends the best of local culture with the epitome of luxury. Atmospheric bars, serene spas, breath-taking balloon safaris, a stay at Sun Africa Hotels is one to never forget. But its hotels only scratch the surface in terms of Sun Multinational’s work, with it having presence across multiple industries and countries. Rahul said, “As a conglomerate with multiple business interests, we believe that together we are stronger and together we can make difference. With a huge emphasis placed on teamwork, our collaborative culture is at the heart of everything we do. In addition, through a creative approach we continually develop new ideas, ventures and new projects. Thinking outside the box is our speciality. Regarding our clientele we typically work B2B, aiming to deliver the best service possible at all times.” Sun Multinational is indeed well-equipped to serve the needs of its clients. Moreover, as Rahul goes on to explain, the vision of the company is outlined with all its employees on a regular basis. “On a daily basis our staff members are alerted to the firm’s aims, and with any changes, we expect them to respond accordingly.” Finally, Rahul comments on the future of Sun Multinational and its plans for the future. “Over the years, we have focused solely on the UAE industry, however, looking ahead to the future, we plan to expand on a global scale. As times are changing very quickly, we will continue to adapt to customer needs, making the whole customer experience fairly seamless.” Company: Sun Multinational Contact: Rahul Sood Email: [email protected] Website: