Winter 2021

8 Oct21289 How you travel should be just as luxurious as the location you’re travelling to, and it’s this attention to detail that lies at the heart of The Conte Club. Named 2021's Most Outstanding Luxury Travel Concierge in LUXlife’s Leaders in Luxury series of awards, we shine a light on what has often been described as the ‘best kept secret in travel’ to discover more and share with our readers The Conte Jet Plan™ which is making waves in the Private Jet Space.” Luxury Travel - The Best Kept Secret Travel broadens the mind, so the saying goes. To the team at The Conte Club, it opens the door to a whole universe of wonder that they are delighted to share with their clients. With access to seemingly limitless opportunities, they design bespoke journeys that are without parallel. For them, comfort and curiosity are combined to create unique experiences that never leave you. At the heart of this boutique luxury travel agency is a comprehensive global network of likeminded contacts. Everyone involved in the company is determined to showcase travel like no other, providing unparalleled access to a wealth of jet operators, incredible VIP services and incomparable global events. Members of The Conte Club don’t just appreciate the luxury travel – they Rebecca A Fielding - Founder Abu-Sukur A An unrivalled