Winter 2021

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 9 Winter 2021 appreciate the authenticity and passion that goes into every decision surrounding it. This care runs through the very core of the business. In short, The Conte Club allows people to see the world from a perspective that is unlike any other. Conte translates as ‘with’ (con) and ‘you’ (te). It means that The Conte Club team are ‘with you’ when you travel with them. The team take every step to make sure that the path ahead is perfect, while standing at arm’s length so that you can have the experience to yourself. No two experiences designed by the team are the same because no two clients are the same. The team shift effortlessly from a journey that is flexible in order to meet rapidly changing needs to one which allows space for exploration of some of the world’s most beautiful, and yet to be uncharted, corners. As a niche agency with the ability to specialise, the team focus on three specific areas. Firstly, there is the travel club which designs the firm’s unique high- end journeys around the world. This is followed by the events department, which opens the door to opportunities many would never have considered, let alone considered possible. Finally, there is the Private Aviation jet club, which offers the only travel club and jet card combo at this end of the market. A personalised Jet Club like no other The Jet Plan™ is, perhaps, the most exciting part of what the team has to offer. It is unique on the market for being the only private jet card with dedicated travel club membership. Working closely with leading global aircraft charter specialists and jet owners, the team are able to offer the ultimate is comfort, flexibility and luxury no matter what is required. Unlike many competitors, there are no hidden costs or need to invest a great deal of capital. The team prides itself on focusing on offering the best service at the best rates with none of the fuss. The jet card is the ideal option for those travellers who make regular journeys, but want to avoid the immense capital outlay that this can entail. The Conte Club develops a bespoke plan for each client, accounting for their specific needs and preferences. The hours in The Conte Club’s Jet Plan™ can be used however the client wants, never expiring and rolling over years. There are no estimations or averaging of the hours – the team charges you for what you use and no more. From Strength to Strength The luxury nature of the team’s approach is the secret behind the team’s remarkable success in the last few years. It means that they are also close to their customers, and to their customer’s specific needs. This incredible focus means they do not have competitors, with no other organisation matching their quality in this corner of the market. Their focus on select clients means that they don’t compete so much as co-exist with other firms, offering a unique degree of grace and integrity. This attitude is not just the secret behind their success but the reason why some of the world’s most private families trust them to provide a subtle and sophisticated journey. Maintaining these standards is no easy task and The Conte Club team have grown into a group that is by turns discerning, excited and focused. They look at the world with the same joy and wonder that they hope that their clients will. This combination is one which ensures the team is both inspired and driven to succeed. The leadership of the firm, at every level, thrives on ensuring that quality is consistent throughout the business. No aspect is left ignored and each division of the firm strives to push the boundaries of what clients have experienced at other firms. Founders Rebecca Fielding & Andrew Binks bring the philosophy of exceptional service and elegantly inspired style that defines the company and sets it apart from the crowd. The Travel Design team, led by Louisa Davis, brings a savvy, creative and empathetic approach to her senior role, leading a modern, diverse and discerning team that not only puts people first, but ensures authenticity no matter what the destination. Finally, the vital Jet division, headed up by Abu-Sukur Ahmed (Abs), ensures an unrivalled attention to detail. His experience and skill as an aviation leader is what allows this team’s private jet club to stand out from the private-charter crowd. While the team is celebrating remarkable success, The Conte Club is determined to maintain its authenticity and exclusivity. With a client retention of 98% and a healthy waiting list for new members, they are in fine form for the future. Many businesses have had to change how they operate during the pandemic, particularly in the travel industry. The margins are traditionally incredibly and depend on transporting a high volume of people as regularly as possible. The Conte Club have never done this. Their business model has always revolved around making themselves as flexible as possible, remaining as available as empathic as possible to the specific needs of their clients. The pandemic has not changed the firm, but reinforced its approach of being personal and client- centric at all times. When considering the success of The Conte Club, it’s easiest to turn to satisfied customers and see what they say. One member client trusted the team to organise a journey that would both celebrate the renewal of wedding vows and act as a second honeymoon. He later wrote to the team to say “you are masters of travel. You are both invisible and discrete and yet you’ve touched every part of our journey with your unwavering commitment to quality and ensured a sense of wonderment in all that we have experienced – thank you.” This praise showcases what makes The Conte Club special. It’s the team’s astonishing ability to always be with their customers. Name: Rebecca Fielding Email: [email protected] Web Address: Ahmed - Head of Private Aviation. ed Jet Club with a fleet of luxury private jets”.