Winter 2022

10 11 Aug22321 Best Luxury Hotel & Lodge Operator for Africa - 2022 With a strict philosophy of harnessing the internal strength of each brand and allied company it works with, Sun Multinational has built a reputation for bringing out the best in the enterprises it works with. A growth and development focused company, it has brought clients to new levels of excellence by bringing them into the fold, working with businesses in automation, duty free, general trading, mining, and – as denoted by the above award title – the hospitality sector. Headquartered in Dubai, Sun Multinational boasts worldwide links to several different firms within a variety of industries. Nominally, its brand development and business betterment has made critical differences to each of the businesses it works with, resulting in an enterprise that stands out amongst its peers and market segment by performing with the utmost tenacity and expertise. This is especially prevalent in Africa, its presence in several countries within the continent covering everything from commodities and real estate to mining, duty free, and hospitality in the form of hotel and lodge operators. Having been founded in 1997, it has spent its time in operation since the turn of the century by gathering a vast network of passionate talent and exemplary resources under its purview, allowing it to drive superior shareholder returns over an extended business relationship. Ostensibly, the result of such long-term positive connections is that Sun Multinational has made itself a partner and friend to the business for several firms and establishments; the benefit to the client in such cases is enormous, as they receive inclusion under a supportive and innovative international key player. Therefore, its hospitality efforts have cultivated a network of Sun Africa Hotels for Sun Multinational. Offering the perfect combination of bushland views, scenic safari holidays, and exploration of the local region that takes clients off the beaten path, it puts decision-making back in the hands of the end customer by giving them the ability to pick only from the best of the best. Indeed, it has thusly become renowned for the fact that the companies within its ranks offer the highest standards of hospitality and service within these establishments, making these are some of the best places to spend the night, both for business and leisure. Company: Sun Multinational Contact: Rahul Sood Website: Aug22310 Best Modern Caribbean Bar & Restaurant -West Midlands An award-winning Caribbean venue for food, drink, and socialising, Mellow's Bar & Restaurant has made itself a gem in the crown of the local region. Based in Birmingham, it has been open for four years in order to offer the best, most authentic, and most delicious Caribbean fusion cuisine and drinks that perfectly reflect the cultures they represent. Having attracted a loyal customer base in its area, as well as many celebrities and influencers, everyone who walks through its doors can immediately appreciate its warm and friendly atmosphere, as well as its authentic Caribbean flavours. Aiming to become a nationally renowned chain restaurant – and even to expand overseas – Mellow's Bar & Restaurant has become one the most exemplary, authentic, and popular Caribbean restaurants of its kind. Nominally, its Caribbean fusion food, drink, and atmosphere blends all the excellence of fine dining with all the comfort of home cooked meals, resulting in a space that champions community dining, great cuisine, and a welcoming atmosphere. Even if a guest has never tried Caribbean food before, Mellow’s promises that they will soon find so much to love from the moment they step inside. Serving people from all walks of life, from celebrities to casual diners, its clientele is both young and old, showing just how much effort it has put into being an inclusive establishment, one that boasts attentive service, delectable food, and a true dedication to looking after each guest. Moreover, all its food is freshly cooked, having been created with traditional Caribbean culture in mind, fused with its expert knowledge of the modern culinary market. Indeed, it has also become famous for its special jerk seasoning; this blend of spices has secured it place as a much loved culinary darling thanks to the unique and incredible flavour profile it brings to each of Mellow’s dishes. The hand-picked staff each know its menu like the backs of their hands, too. Able to advise on allergen information, ingredients, flavour profiles, spice levels, and more, their zeal for the cuisine they serve, and quality of customer service is as excellent as the food itself. Indeed, each of them boast impeccable problem solving and personal diligence, taking their own accountability incredibly seriously from greeting the customer all the way through to bidding them goodnight when they leave. Thus, Mellow’s was able to push through the tumult of Covid-19 excellently despite the challenges that were put before it, and it is happy to say that it is currently in the middle of planning its new restaurant in Manchester, slated for opening in 2023. Company: Mellow's Bar & Restaurant Contact: Derek Rawlins Website: