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14 15 Aug22388 Best Authentic American-Themed Dining Experience 2022 Hard Rock Café is everything from memorable dining experiences and beautiful hotel rooms, to music memorabilia exhibits and iconic performance venues. It was the brainchild of two shaggy-haired Americans, Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton in 1971, who were living in London and looking for a burger to satisfy their hunger. Instead of seeking out the perfect burger, they decided to create their own American-style diner – and combine mouth-watering food of their homeland with great music. Since the early 1970s, the Hard Rock Café brand has been inching its way around the globe, now residing in 74 countries, with 185 cafes, 25 hotels, and 12 casinos. It was Paul McCartney & Wings who kicked off the live music side of Hard Rock Café, putting on an impromptu concert inside the café in 1973. Since, there have been 15,000 live performances at Hard Rock venues around the world. Eric Clapton is one artist who became a regular diner at London Hard Rock Café, having requested his guitar be hung above his bar stool to save his spot. This was the beginning of the displaying of rock memorabilia at Hard Rock locations. Today, the brand’s collection has grown to over 80,000 pieces, including Jon Bon Jovi’s guitar, John Lennon’s handwritten “Imagine” song lyrics, Slash’s flannel shirt, and Elvis’ 24-karat gold leaf grand piano – It just keeps growing! By 1982, the Hard Rock Café brand was expanding across the world, with its first United States location in Los Angeles, CA, and soon after, its first Asian location in Tokyo. In 1994, the first Hard Rock live concert venue opened in Mexico City, followed by the first hospitality and casino gaming location in Las Vegas in 1995. When visiting a Hard Rock Café, guests can expect to see iconic pieces lining the walls, while tantalising their tastebuds with legendary burgers, boozy milkshakes, and everything in between. Because Hard Rock Café has indeed earned its place among the greatest eating establishments in the world. While showcasing the very best of American cuisine, it also brings people together within a vibrant atmosphere, a community of individuals who share the same love of great music. Not only does the established eatery offer some of the most outstanding burgers, meals, sides, and drinks, but it is also at the forefront of gastronomical innovation coming out of America. It is constantly on the lookout for new food and beverage trends, and constantly pushes the boundaries to offer the very best products for its guests. The menu includes the award-winning Steak Burgers, and a myriad of classics that contain the essential Hard Rock spin. Regarding its atmosphere and traditions, one thing at Hard Rock Café that hasn’t changed is its reputation. Whether it’s with rock and roll memorabilia, its tribute to London heritage, musicians and history, or its food, the global phenomenon is said to inspire locals and tourists alike who visit and enjoy the Hard Rock Café. Its reputation is unlike any other chain of restaurants, which is powered by its curation of the best, most memorable experiences, whether you are there for a signature culinary meal or musical entertainment. The entirety of Hard Rock Café is driven by dynamic and diligent staff that provide customers everything they need to enjoy a rock and roll experience unlike any other. Company: Hard Rock Café Glasgow Aug22380 Better Skin, Better Planet Organic and free-from preservatives and artificial ingredients, Asyva Skincare has become known for developing products that are fresh, sustainable, and beneficial to the skin. As such, the company has been awarded Best Eco-Luxury Skincare Brand, 2022 - the UK for its contributions to the skincare market. Kind to skin and the environment, Asyva Skincare truly offers the full package when it comes to ethically sourced, effective, natural products. Established in 2019, the eco-luxury skincare brand that specialises in vegan, fragrance and preservative-free, anhydrous beauty products that cultivate plumper, more youthful looking skin. Asyva Skincare’s products do not include any hidden, artificial, or synthetic chemicals, and they are free from anything that could impact the efficacy of the organic and nutrient-rich ingredients it uses. With an ingredients list comprised of at least 75% organic certified ingredients, Asyva Skincare has created a product range that has something suitable for every skin type, be it dry, oily, or combination. Moreover, its products have proven to be beneficial against redness, dehydration, discolouration, enlarged pores, and much more. From plum and raspberry to cherry and pomegranate, every bottle is packed full of vital vitamins, acids, and anti-oxidants, including linolenic acid, phytosterols, and vitamin A and E. Simply, Asyva Skincare’s serums can make you look younger, your skin smoother, and can help to repair damaged cells. Sustainability is one of Asyva Skincare’s main priorities. All of Asyva Skincare’s ingredients are sourced from Europe, with each ingredient either being native to Europe or is now growing in Europe. All of its products are produced in small batches in London. The company’s postage is as environmentally friendly as possible, and Asyva Skincare utilises as little packaging as possible, whilst still ensuring that packages are delivered safely and undamaged. Customers are clearly pleased with the company’s products, as one states, ‘Absolutely brilliant face oil! I have been using this face oil for a while and cannot recommend it enough! I have a sensitive skin and I love the face oil as it leaves my skin hydrated and nourished without a heavy feeling. It has a very pleasant and not overpowering smell and I can definitely notice an improvement in the condition of my skin. I would definitely recommend this oil. The packaging is very nice and it being a pump bottle makes it very easy to use and you only need a few drops which means it will last ages.I will definitely try more products in this range.’ An award winning company all-round, Asyva Skincare has certainly earned the title of Best Eco-Luxury Skincare Brand, 2022 - the UK, an accolade that it is adding to an extensive collection. Contact: Karen Helpap Company: Asyva Skincare Web Address: