Winter 2022

18 19 Aug22609 A Journey of Purpose and Discovery Taking a break can help us relax, recharge, and reconnect with our priorities. That’s wonderful and necessary, of course. But when that break comes in the form of a brilliantly-crafted travel experience, we can actually “reignite the flame within.” Whether it’s a small getaway or a huge adventure, an inspiring and motivating journey can help realign our focus and passion. Enter: Nanda Journeys, winner of Best Global ThemeFocused Trip Agency of 2022. Only a handful of highly accomplished travel specialists can make it easy to discover the finest experiences the world has to offer. With a principled focus on sustainability and jaw-droppingly unique access, Nanda Journeys’ boutique themed programs cater to an audience that craves access to the vast global community – but also expects a transformative inner journey. “Nanda travelers tend to be ‘Global Citizens,’ dedicated travelers who live for meaningful experiences and connections with people,” says Nanda Founder and CEO, Nicola Balmain. “They love making a positive impact wherever they go. These are people who care about their home communities, and the communities they visit.” “Personalized travel is one of the greatest luxuries today,” says Britishborn Balmain. “In a dimension far beyond ‘touring the icons’ like Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower, travel can actually help you realign with a deeper sense of purpose.” Nanda’s unique Career Enrichment Programs allow professionals to learn & grow, while traveling with a select group of peers to utterly amazing places. These small groups access all the premier locations that make travel so alluring, but they also make meaningful career connections, earn CEUs, and share their knowledge with international colleagues. These professional development programs are often tax deductible. Frequently, they cater to Law, Business, Medicine, Education, Science & Technology, and much more. Each program features an unforgettably unique “access experience,” such as meeting with Supreme Court Justices in India, or a day of interactive personal sessions with HR students & professionals in Japan. “Sometimes the stars align, and extraordinary moments coalesce, such as our recent meeting with the King and Queen of Bhutan,” says Balmain. “Those moments require painstaking planning, a lifetime of relationship-building, and a little bit of luck.” Nanda’s Cultural Immersion & Bespoke Private Journeys are similarly crafted, but without the intensive professional focus. These are private journeys, custom-designed around someone’s passions and travel preferences. lf you can dream it; Nanda can build it. “There is a Psychology and Art to a program like ours,” Balmain says. “Our formula curates experiences and weaves them into a tapestry of impactful moments. This is the next level of travel. You acquire and share knowledge as you explore, which our clients highly value. Of course, there are tremendous comforts and spectacular food & wine, but also many opportunities to get outside your comfort zone.” The bedrock principle that undergirds each Nanda program is Sustainability. Balmain explains, “To us, sustainability means that by traveling into a community we support that community so it can thrive indefinitely. By creating economic opportunity, we honor and improve the lives we touch – with dignity and respect, not just dollars.” “Nanda is destination agnostic. It’s our approach that will open your mind & heart. The people who live in the societies we visit can permanently change our view of the world – and our view of ourselves. That’s the most extraordinary benefit of travel, isn’t it? That it can show us who we really are, and change us for the better?” One question remains – where will you go? Contact: Nicola Balmain Email: [email protected] Tel: 888-747-7501 Company: Nanda Journeys Web Address: Aug22645 She is also able to reach breeders around the world with her training by holding sessions over Zoom when the world went digital during the pandemic. She says, “Since Zoom has been used so much during covid, it has made more of the general public accepting of its use and its benefits. My client base has therefore extended to people all across the country and as far as the USA.” Clare is assisted in her work by two teenage volunteers whose ambitions are to work in the canine industry when they leave school or college. She mentors them and they gain free education and experience along the way. Now, Clare is looking towards the future where she has some exciting projects in the pipeline for The Puppy Master, one of which she hopes will go live by the end of the year – the launch of the first ever dedicated Cockapoo specialist online training and advice course with a membership club. Owners will be able to get qualified expert help from not just a trainer, but a fellow owner and highly qualified, five-star licensed breeder of Cockapoos and Cocker Spaniels. Company: The Puppy Master Contact: Clare Andrusyk Email: [email protected] Website: A passionate lover of all dog breeds, Clare Andrusyk is a qualified, accredited dog training and behaviour modification instructor based in West Yorkshire. She has appeared multiple times on BBC Look North, BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio 5, the Dog Training College Unleashed conference, and Empowered Dog winter summit, and is recognised as an expert in her field. She is also a content creator for her business on TikTok, in addition to writing monthly articles for the country’s most wellknown dog magazine, Dogs Today. Clare is here to help dog breeders avoid a bad reputation. This may happen because they have missed some core training opportunities of their puppies at a young age or don’t have enough education on how to raise puppies the right way. The Puppy Master’s mission is to empower breeders to be the best they can be for the puppies they breed and their new owners. Clare tells us, “There isn’t enough good education out there for them, so I provide it in a bespoke service tailored to them as an individual, accounting for their time needs.” Dogs are not a commodity to make money; they should be loved, cherished, and live happy family lives. Thus, Clare focuses on small scale breeders who keep the dogs they breed as their pets, because this is where her long-standing ethics lie. She provides a course for breeders, giving them as much or as little education as they need. It is structured to follow week on week and is easy to follow. She states, “I don’t just tell, I demonstrate.” Dogs are truly human’s best friend, and at The Puppy Master, as a breeding mentor, trainer, and behaviourist, Clare Andrusyk champions the idea of dogs living their best lives. It’s an attitude that she lives and breathes in her training and it is felt by everyone on her team. We got in touch with Clare to learn more about her business. Canine Breeding Mentor of theYear (UK): Clare Andrusyk